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Raabta full movie watch online (2021) in Hindi 720p, 480p, 1080p. This movie is based on Action, crime, Thriller, RomanceThis movie is available in Hindi Dual Audio. Click on the watch online button below the post to download this movie.

Raabta movie watch online:

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About Raabta:

Shiv Kakkar is a banker from Amritsar who gets a lucrative opportunity to work in Budapest. A fun-loving playboy at home, he continues this behavior in Budapest. Saira Singh is a young woman haunted by mysterious nightmares of drowning.

Shocked by her strange association with Shiva, Saira initially rejects his words, but dies in the end. The next day, Saira reveals that she has never felt a connection like this before, but she is upset because she has a boyfriend.

She lives alone in Budapest and works as a chocolatier. While going on a date with a lady, Shiva accidentally stumbles upon Saira’s shop, but finds himself attracted to Saira.

Unwilling to give up his connection, Shiva interrupts Saira’s date with her lover Manav, showing her that she will be with him instead of her lover.

Shiv tells Saira that he has to go on a business trip for a week. They decide to see how they feel after a week’s hiatus. In Shiva’s absence, Saira meets Zakir and tells him about her nightmare. During one of their dinners, Zakir drugs Saira and kidnaps her.

Saira awakens to find herself in a remote villa on an island off the coast of Zakir. She urges him to let her go, but he refuses, saying that she has spent her whole life looking for him.

Manav breaks up with her and Shiva and Saira spend time together and get closer. One night they go to a club where Saira Shiv tears up that she is afraid of water because her parents drowned after a car accident when she was two years old.


IMDB: 4.7/10

An inseparable couple Saira and Shiva find themselves in a complicated situation when a stranger claims to be her reincarnated lover from their previous lifetime, hellbent on destroying their relationship and winning her back.

  • Director
    • Dinesh Vijan
  • Writers
    • Siddharth-Garima(writers)
    • Siddharth Singh
    • Garima Wahal
  • Stars
    • Deepika Padukone
    • Kriti Sanon
    • Rajkummar Rao
Raabta full movie download
Raabta full movie watch online

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