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American action comedy and a story by Lieberman, directed and produced by Sean Levy from a screenplay by Matt Lieberman and Zak Penn. The film stars Ryan Reynolds, Jodie Comer, Lil Riley Howery, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Joe Keery and Taika Waititi. It tells the story of a bank teller who discovers that he is a non-player character in a massively multiplayer online game, who then teams up with a gamer to find evidence that the CEO of a gaming company has taken over the game. The source code has been leaked. player.

Free Guy premiered on August 10, 2021 in the Piazza Grande section of the 74th Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland.

Guy is a non-player character (NPC) in Free City, a massively multiplayer online role-playing video game (MMORPG). Separated from the NPCs by the sunglasses they wear, Free City players spend their time robbing banks, fighting each other, and causing havoc. NPCs are unaware that the world they live in is a video game and are largely unaware of the chaos that occurs as players live their scripted lives.

Unemployed software developer Miley spends her time playing Free City to find evidence that Tsunami Studios has stolen the source code of a concept game called Life Itself, which includes novel artificial intelligence technology for NPCs. His friend Keys is sympathetic but reluctant to help him as he now works as a technical support in Tsunami.

Guy works as a bank clerk with his best friend, security guard Buddy. After Millie’s avatar “MolotovGirl” grabs her attention by singing her favorite song, “Fantasy”, she begins to become distracted by her programming and ends up accidentally shooting a gamer who robbed a skull-masked bank and using her sunnies. Shocks Buddy by leaving him with glasses. Keys and his colleague Mauser believe that Guy is a hacker disguised as an NPC and unsuccessfully try to ban him from the game. Guy accesses the player’s vision of the game, visits new areas, and meets Millie at the Ravenjamin Buttons hideout, which contains evidence of his source code. Thinking that Cow is a cheater, she advises him to rise up after his failed first attempt. Guy quickly completes missions philanthropically through the game, isolating himself from other players and becoming a worldwide sensation known as “Blue Shirt Guy”.

Keys eventually learns that Guy is actually an NPC. Other NPCs Guy interacts with also begin to gain self-awareness. Keys learns that Antwan’s planned sequel, Free City 2, is due for release in 48 hours and will completely replace Free City, effectively eliminating all NPCs in the game. After Keys informs Miley, she tells Guy the truth about her existence, but he becomes disheartened and cuts off contact. The boy talks to Buddy and realizes that there is more to his reality. Buddy helps Guy find evidence from Ravenjamin Buttons.

Antwan sees the popularity of Blue Shirt Guy as a threat to his plans to release Free City 2. Antwan orders a server restart that resets Guy’s memories, but he regains his confidence when Miley kisses him. He remembers the location of an island containing remnants of Life Itself’s source code and attempts to reach the island before Free City 2 is launched and wipes all old content from the servers.

Antwan fires the keys, sweeps every player out of Free City, and sends in an unfinished, muscle-bound character named Dude. Overwhelmed at first, Guy puts on Dude’s sunglasses, distracts him and lets Guy go to the island. In a final attempt to stop him, Antwan begins smashing the game server with a fire ax, wiping Buddy out of the game world while simultaneously firing the mouser. Before he can destroy the final server, Millie offers to drop his trial and offer him the benefit of the Free City franchise in exchange for his creation.

After some time, a bug in the game led to a drop in sales of Free City 2 and delays in online play. A confused soul is in the crosshairs but claims he is a ‘victim’. Meanwhile, Millie saves her code and releases the indie game Free Life, which features the Free City’s Guy, Dude, and other NPCs. In the game, Guy tells Millie that his code is actually a love letter from Keys to her. During the development of Life, Keys had everything he wanted to know his taste buds coded into an in-game AI routine that was eventually incorporated into Free City. This explains why Guy was uniquely attracted to Molotovgirl. After Millie is out of the game, he and Keys kiss.

Back in Free Life, the boys and friends are reunited with Buddy, who was involved in the rebuilding.


IMBD: 7.2/10

Free Guy movie download
Free Guy movie download

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