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20th century BC In 300 BC, the Roman general Mark Antony gave eggs containing three gems as a wedding gift to show his devotion to the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. The eggs are lost over time until two eggs are found by a farmer in 1907, but the last one is lost.

In the present day, John Hartley, apparently an FBI, is assigned to assist Interpol agent Urvashi Das in the investigation of a possible theft of one of the eggs displayed at Rome’s Museo Nazionale di Castel Sant’Angelo. The security chief dismissed the concerns, but Hartley revealed that the egg was fake and that the real egg had been stolen. International art thief Nolan Booth escapes with the egg before sealing the room. When he arrives at his home in Bali with the eggs, he finds Hartley there with slaves and an Interpol task force. They arrest Booth and take possession of the egg. Unnoticed by all, their main competitor, Sarah “The Bishop” Black, disguised as a member of the response team, sells the real eggs for another fake. The next day, Das confronts Hartley and locks him in the same cell as Booth in a remote Russian prison, holding him responsible for the theft.

Shortly after arriving, Black Booth suggests working with him to find the third egg because he knows where it is. He turned down her modest offer, so Hartley suggests they work together to defeat him; If Booth helps him shut him down, Booth will be the world’s number one art thief. The pair escape from prison and head to Valencia to steal another egg owned by notorious arms dealer Soto Vos, who has the masked ball. They find Black who is also there to steal it. The trio reach Vos’s vault, where Hartley and Booth fight them. Voyce arrives with her security details while Black reveals that she is working with Voyce. They torture Hartley until Booth reveals the location of the third egg. Black betrays the Voice and goes to Egypt, where Booth claims it is. After leaving Valencia, Booth tells Hartley that the egg is actually in Argentina, a place he has known since it was inscribed on his late father’s beloved clock, which once belonged to Adolf Hitler’s personal art curator, Rudolf Ziech. .

While exploring the forest, they find a secret bunker containing countless Nazi artifacts, including a third egg. Black arrives and steals the egg from them, only to be interrupted by Das and a team of local police. Hartley, Booth and Black escape in a 1931 Mercedes-Benz 770 chased by Das in an armored vehicle. Eventually they land near the top of a waterfall where they jump. Booth swims to shore with the egg, only to find that Hartley is a con man like his father, not an FBI profiler, and shares Bishop’s spell with Black. Booth surrendered the egg and they left it in handcuffs. In Cairo, Hartley and Black deliver an Egyptian billionaire’s three eggs on time for their daughter’s wedding, although she is more excited for the wedding singer Ed Sheeran. The marriage is later interrupted by an Interpol raid by Das, who arrests the billionaire, his daughter, and Sheeran.

Six months later, Hartley and Black meet again in Sardinia by Booth, who tells them that he told Das about his Cayman Islands account with a payment of $300 million, which Das froze and gives him more money. Will not let Booth also reveals that Interpol is on his way to capture them, but offers him a chance of escape if they help him with a new heist that requires three men. They agree and run away, where the three slaves provide them with red clues as they begin their robbery at the Louvre.


IMBD: 8.2/10

Red Notice Movie
Red Notice

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