Water tank 500 liter Best quality

We will talk about the top five best quality and most expensive plastic water tank companies, that is, we will talk about the top five water tank brands whose quality is the best but they are quite costly.

SIntex company

SIntex company is at number one in this is Gujarat’s best company. It is a very old company in the tank manufacturing industry. It is also considered a very famous company for making water tanks in plastic form. SIntex’s water tanks are food grade and with world class rotomoulding technology. SIntex’s water tank is still at number one in terms of quality as it is made using virgin plastics, but its rate is also very high. In comparison to normal times, their strongest water tank is priced between ₹ 10 to ₹. Can be up to Rs 12 per liter.


The company Vectrus is at the second position. It is a company established in 1991. Its head quarter is in Noida. It is very reliable in time business and is considered to be the leading company of India. In this, you get a lot of range of time, in this you will also get route and time and You will also get Bolo Time, they use only food-grade material and virgin plastics to make Bolo Time, due to which their tank becomes of superior quality and quite strong. The person is also providing 10 years warranty in their water tank. But if we talk about their rates then the water tank of a person also comes in the premium segment product, the vector product also becomes a little expensive. If we talk about their strongest 10 carat, then it can be from ₹ 8 to ₹ 10 per liter.


Supreme Company’s water tank is at the third position. Friends, Supreme Company is considered to be the oldest and largest company in India for making plastic products. In today’s time, Supreme Company has more range in plastic products than any other company in the Indian market. Supreme company will not have that big range. Supreme company makes them using food-grade material and virgin plastic with its plastic water tank and rotomolding technology. Like Supreme, cutting is also sufficient and of superior quality, but these cutting are also expensive. If you look at the rate of Supreme’s strongest tank today, it can go up to ₹ 10 per liter from today.


You must be well acquainted with Aashirwad. Aashirwad is a very famous company for making pipes and fittings. There was a time when Aashirwad company’s pipe fittings used to sell a lot but the pricing has gone into a slight downfall in the name of Jesus. In recent times Aashirwad Belgium. Ashirwad has launched a plastic water tank a few years ago but currently you will see only three layer water tank of Ashirwad in the market. Ashirwad also makes its water tank with world class rotomoulding technology. It is manufactured using grade material virgin plastics only, due to which Ashirwad becomes a superior quality tank in terms of quality and is quite strong. They are worth their money, that is, Ashirwad’s time is also very expensive. They have three layer. The water tank you will see can cost up to ₹800 per liter.


Astral is considered to be India’s leading company in pipes and fittings. In such a situation, Aster has launched plastic water tanks a few years ago. Astral manufactures all its water tanks using high quality gate material and virgin plastic along with voting technology and has antivirus in the tank. End technology is visible. Copper color is visible. In terms of quality, Stone Time is also very strong. It is a superior quality tank. But if we talk about the rate, then the Sthal tank is a very expensive tank. It is a three layered tank. Video of these days. It is available in the market for Rs 8 to 9 per liter.

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