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Dan Forester, a biology teacher and former Green Beret, is disappointed after failing to find a position at the Army Research Laboratory. Later, during the internationally televised World Cup, Soldiers of the Year 2051 enter the plaza via the time portal. They announce that in November 2048 aliens called White Spikes suddenly appeared in northern Russia and wiped out most of the people within three years. Today’s world sends its armed forces into the future via wormhole devices, but less than 30% survive a seven-day deployment, creating an international blueprint. Dan receives a draft notice and is fitted with a makeshift armband to track him and withdraw him if he lives at the end of his seven days.

The conscripts are dispatched in time to a Miami Beach battlefield, where their commander orders them to rescue nearby lab personnel before they can sterilize the area. The conscripts find that all the lab staff are dead, but recover their research, and only Dan survives the arson attack with two other conscripts, a scientist named Charlie and a conscript named Dorian, who is on his third assignment. Dan wakes up in a military camp in the Dominican Republic overseen by his daughter, Murrie, who is a colonel. Muri tells Dan that there is a poison that kills male White Spikes but not female queens and enlists his help in capturing a female White Spike to refine the poison to be fatal to her. She also tells Dan that he has a history of disillusionment after failing to find his research job, divorcing his wife Amy, and dying in a car accident when Murrie was sixteen.

They capture a female White Spike but are ambushed by hundreds of men and narrowly escape by helicopter to a fortified offshore oil platform where the wormhole device is located. The Muri-Woman manages to develop a deadly poison for the White Spikes, but it can’t be mass-produced in this time, so she tells Dan to get past it and end the war. The base is overrun and Muri sacrifices himself to bring Dan back to the past and soon after his arrival the wormhole closes, which the world takes as a sign that the war of the future is lost.

Dan and Amy later speculated that the White Spikes reached Earth much earlier than 2048 because there was no record of their ship’s arrival. After volcanic ash is found on the top of an alien, Dan and Charlie consult Dan’s student, Martin, an amateur volcanologist. It is established that White Spikes have probably been on Earth since the “Millennium Explosion” in AD 946. Dan leads a mission to Russia with Charlie, Dorian, stranded future soldiers and James, a Vietnam War veteran. They find the alien ship frozen in the ice beneath the Academy of Sciences glacier and speculate that global warming may have freed them in the future. They inject the venom into several dormant white spikes and destroy them, but this awakens the rest of the colony. Queen White Spike hatches and runs away. Dorian, critically ill with cancer, is left behind and destroys the ship while Dan and James pursue the queen. After a bitter fight, Dan pours the deadly poison down the queen’s throat, killing her.

Synopsis Knowing that war is averted and humanity saved, Dan brings James home to meet Amy and Murry, determined to avoid making the same mistakes Murry warned him about in the future.


IMBD: 7.2/10

The tomorrow war
The tomorrow war movie download

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