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17-year-old Bhavani witnesses the murder of her family by her father’s rivals. He is forced to take the blame and taken to juvenile detention where he is brutally tortured. As a result, he develops a cruel and brutal personality. Years later, Bhavani is released from the facility and becomes the owner of the truck and trading business. He gradually becomes a timid gangster and escapes punishment by forcing the detention center inmates to take the blame for his crimes. He forms a huge syndicate for himself, leveling up with his father’s former rivals and eventually killing them.

2019: In Chennai, John Durairaj JD is a college lecturer loved by his students for his student-friendly approach. He struggles with alcohol addiction and a bitter dislike for colleagues. Charulata aka Charu, a newly appointed lecturer at her college, is the only one who sympathizes with her. After the JD holds a college election, Joe goes awry, he’s sent to a juvenile detention center for a three-month assignment he doesn’t remember volunteering for. JD reluctantly accepts his new position and is warned by prison authorities about rampant drug abuse and violence, but JD ignores it. Sabri and Manikandan are two brothers who surrender over Bhavani’s murder, drop a note to an unknown JD and try to call them later in the night while drunk. When they are caught, Bhavani kills them and the next day their bodies are found hanging from the ceiling of the detention center’s classroom.

JD was taken into custody for murder. An unhappy Charu warns JD of his reckless behavior and reveals that it was she who signed him up for the job, believing he is the only teacher capable of understanding the prisoners’ needs. She reveals herself as an NGO activist investigating crimes at the facility; The brothers had desperately asked him for help. While in custody, J.D. Examine the brothers’ note and describe the horrifying activities taking place at the center. Heartbroken, he captures Bhavani’s thugs sent to kill him and calls Bhavani, promising to pay her for the boys’ deaths. After giving up alcohol, the JD gradually regained control of the facility and began re-educating the prisoners. Her actions are opposed by the slave, an older prisoner (found adult) who is in charge of controlling the younger children.

With the help of Undiyal, a young prisoner. JD learns that Bhavani regularly blames the prisoners for their crimes. He captures video of younger inmates, including Undiyal, talking about Das’ crime at the facility. Bhavani’s goons target Charu and receive the video from him only to spare him due to Undiyal’s intervention. Undiyal reveals select prisoners are tattooed with the Tamil letter ‘рок’ (Pa) which grants Bhavani’s staff free food and unlimited access to drugs if they surrender for their crimes. The JD raids the affected facilities and cuts off the supply of medication to the detention center, much to Bhavani’s desperation. He also breaks into Bhavani’s hideout and threatens her and her men with dire consequences while accidentally using a ballpoint pen to hold Bhavani at knife point. Bhavani retaliates by killing some fellow JDs and alumni.

Incapacitated by grief, JD kidnaps most of the prisoners with Bhavani’s anonymous documents to get them out of Tamil Nadu. With the help of his friend and skilled archer Vanathi, JD defeats The Men of Das and saves the children. JD confronts Das and makes him understand that since she is the link between Bhavani and the crimes at the detention center, Bhavani will kill him. That improvises and brings JD along with the kids to Bhavani’s meat factory. This overwhelms the men sent to kill him while JD confronts Bhavani. Although Bhavani gains the upper hand, JD manages to defeat Bhavani, who later urges JD to join politics, but JD kills him, thus avenging the deaths of Sabri and Manikandan. To protect the children, JD and Das surrender to the police. Detention centers are closed by the government, prisoners are sent to other detention centers and state prisons based on their age. JD, Das and other adults from the facility are taken to the prison where they intend to reform.


IMBD: 7.2/10

Master movie download

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