How to you make someone like you

6 Habits That Can Make Someone Like You in school, college, office, Gym, friends group. these top 6 psychology fact make someone like you in faster.

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it’s the first day back at school after summer break you’re sitting in homeroom class and scoping out the room to see if any of your classmates have the potential to be your new friend or maybe whoever sits down in the seat next to you will be your new best friend anything could happen the possibilities are endless

the next day you’re still hoping to make friends but no one has approached you yet you hold out hope for all that first week of school and maybe even the first month but then you realize that all of your hope in making friends is dwindling because it

Seems you haven’t made a good enough impression on anyone you start to wonder do people like me well odds are they just haven’t gotten to know you and don’t even know yet what makes you great we all have individual qualities and gifts that

Make us unique you may just need to develop some more likable habits that will get others to notice you enough to want to find out more about you so here are some habits that can make Someone like you

Call them by their name

you know how you perk up at the sound of your own name say you’re at a party and someone across the room mentions your name instead of calling you out with a hey you they call you over by your name instead you immediately take notice.

Head over to them we are so familiar with the sound of our names that we can pinpoint our names being spoken in a large crowd like at a party this is a form of selective attention and is related to the cocktail party

How to you make someone like you
How to you make someone like you

effect while you’re in a loud or crowded room you can hone in on specific conversations of your choosing more importantly if your name is spoken

Nearby you immediately perk up and recognize that someone is talking about you this gives you greater focus and attention on whoever is speaking to you and it might make you feel good knowing

they actually remembered your name in the first place when you use and remember someone’s name in conversation it’s a good tip for making a good first impression.

Give out genuine compliments when you happen to see them

Everyone loves compliments and you can probably tell when someone’s being genuine about them too next time you meet someone and you happen to notice something you like about them go ahead and tell them about it wouldn’t

you like to know if someone is thinking nice things about you did you also know that the very traits you describe in others are also attributed to you

How to you make someone like you
How to you make someone like you

this is called spontaneous trait transference and it occurs when communicators are perceived as possessing the very traits they describe in others according to several studies published in the journal of personality and social psychology researchers found

that when you describe someone with a certain trait to another person that person will associate you with the described trait so you are what you say

Make some time to spend with them

one of the more obvious but no less important ways to get someone to like you will be to try and spend some time with them and get to know them sit with your new classmate at lunch

when you’re at work treat one of your co-workers to some good coffee.

This is practicing what is called the more exposure effect where the simple act of being around someone makes you more likeable according to the psychological study by r.b sajang

How to you make someone like you
How to you make someone like you

The more exposure effect is a psychological phenomenon in which people find themselves preferring someone or something simply because they developed familiarity with them

When you are repeatedly exposed to a certain stimulus you develop familiarity with that stimuli and therefore prefer that certain presence this is why certain products and ads are constantly being repeated during.

Your favorite programming’s commercial breaks the more familiar you are with something the more you’ll start to notice it therefore the more they’ll take notice of you.

Talking about your blunders makes you more relatable and approachable

You may think that you have to look and act a certain way to attract others towards you and think you need to strive for a sense of perfectionism and put that on display how could your friend possibly like you

if you don’t ace every single test how can others properly admire you if you’re not on top of the latest fashion trends in actuality most people don’t care that much.

Contrary to what you might think people usually find perfectionism intimidating and think it to be distant or unattainable exposing your flaws can actually be more attractive to them in one study researcher elliot aronson had people rate

How to you make someone like you
How to you make someone like you

Fake test takers based on their attractiveness the test takers could either be rated as great mediocre or poor but there was a twist some test takers

Were told to act clumsy and spill coffee at the end of their interview after their scores were revealed people who participated in the study rated them more clumsy test takers as highest on

The attractiveness scale as the research paper states a superior person may be viewed as superhuman and therefore distant a blunder tends to humanize him and consequently increases his attractiveness poor test takers

Mediocre test takers and even great test takers were all still rated lower than the superior test takers who scored great and also spilled their coffee people want to see your human side

when you show you’re capable and yet still relatable as a human being

who makes mistakes you’re seen as more likable

Having a positive attitude is more attractive

you know that one nice person who always has the kindest most positive things to say don’t you feel an aura of happiness and peace when you’re around them

They don’t complain all that much and when they do it’s usually warranted they seem to emit this bright positive energy that has others gravitating towards them like a moth to a flame a research paper from the university of hawaii and ohio

How to you make someone like you
How to you make someone like you

state university suggests that most people can unconsciously tell what mood you’re in when they happen to be around you

if you display positive emotions others in your circle are likely to mimic your positive facial expressions and gestures therefore they’re likely to feel positive emotions when they’re around

you and want to see you more often when you’re a positive person others will like your company and ultimately like you as a whole

You actively listen and let others fully express themselves

As much as we love to talk about ourselves it’s important to remember that others want to talk about themselves too Harvard researchers discovered

That in one of five conducted studies people naturally like to talk about themselves more subjects went into an fmri machine and responded to questions about

Their personal opinions on a subject and questions about another’s thoughts when talking of their personal opinions

Regions of the brain associated with reward and motivation were most active as opposed to when they talked about others in fact the need to talk about

Yourself is so strong that in another study some subjects even declined money just to talk about themselves more so go ahead and let your new friend talk about

Themselves for a while they’ll enjoy their time around you more due to the increase in dopamine next time you’re aware that you’ve been talking too much try to remind yourself

The other person is dying to express their opinion just as much as you are are you gonna go ahead and try these tips and tricks out on your new classmate or do you possess some of these likable

Habits already wherever you are on the scale you should try them out and see if you make any new friends come back and tell us about what happened in the comments below

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