How to say no to a job offer

MAIL To Hiring Manager You received and accepted a better offer, more pay, more growth, more mentorship, After job offer negotiations, you couldn’t get the offer to your minimum acceptable compensation.

How do you decline a job offer politely?

Whether it’s because you have multiple offers, it just wasn’t the right fit for you, or you just simply decided not to make a move, you need to know how to reject a job offer. And when you decline the job offer, you want to do so in a way that doesn’t burn any bridges.

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How to decline a job offer politely.

Maybe as you were going through the interview process, you realized that the company culture just wasn’t the best fit. Or you accepted another offer, because you had multiple offers. And there was something else that was going to get you to your career goal, or to your salary goal, a lot
faster than this opportunity. Or maybe you followed all my negotiation advice.

But the salary negotiation just couldn’t quite get you to the point where you wanted it to be
out for the next step in your career. Taking the time to identify exactly why you want to decline this job offer is really important.

Because you want to make sure that it is the best next step. As soon as you decline the job offer, they’re probably going to proceed to the next candidate. If you have a change of heart, or a change of mind,

you’re not necessarily going to be able to boomerang. That said, they may actually come back and counter offer with something like more money, a better title. Be aware of those things and know the reason why, so that if there is a lever that could be pulled that you just weren’t able to negotiate,

that you are very clear as to the reasons why you’re not accepting the job right now.

The next step is you’re actually going to send a message to decline the job offer. For the hard career conversations, I’m generally a big advocate for having those conversations either on phone or in person.
This is one of the caveats. Because generally when you are at the point where you’re actually going to
decline the job offer,

it is because you have made the decision that this isn’t the job for you. So in this case, sending an email is
going to be an effective way of doing so. That said, you want to be very kind, courteous, and polite when you do that. And that obviously is why you’re here.

You are going to open up the message by expressing gratitude. You are going to thank them for taking the time to interview you, to meet with you, and to extend the opportunity to you. However, you were going to say that you regret to inform

them that at this time you are declining the job offer. In the second component, what I want you to do is indicate the things that you are grateful for. So for example, if the manager that you would have reported to seems really incredible or the team was really fun, say that.

Tell Reason why you are declining

then note the actual reason why you are declining. For example, it could look something like this. While the company’s value and mission really resonated, I did have another offer that I accepted because it aligned closer to career goals. You want it to be concise here. You want it to be complimentary. But you also want to be straight forward in the reason why you are declining. You want to balance this component of your message with both being clear, and with also being very complimentary. Because you never know when you’re going to want to open that door.

where that person is going to go that is going to be a door that you want to open in future. Now you’re going to send this message to the person

who extended the job offer to you.

That in all likelihood is going to be the recruiter. You also want to, at the end of the message, ask them to
pass along your gratitude to everyone who participated in the interview process, and let them know how much you enjoyed meeting them. Of course,

Message To Hiring Manager

if the people that you met with were jerks, and that’s why you’re not accepting it, you can leave this piece out. Finally, I also do suggest that you message the hiring manager

if that isn’t the person that you were communicating with about the actual job offer. Again, just to express gratitude, say thanks, and wish them the best of luck and future. If you’re looking for some actual scripts

that you can use when you send this message, head over to my blog post, it’s actually linked down below, and you can grab one of the scripts and work with it so that you send out very professional,
very polite, decline to the job offer. I’d love to know when you decline the job offer,

Did they actually come back to you to sweeten the pot?

Let me know in the comments down below if that has happened to you – or it did happen in this case? I’m also really excited to let you know in this Article that to help kickstart
your career in 202*,

I am actually launching a special series. So instead of my usual once a week upload, I will be uploading twice a week between now and January 31st to help you fast track yourself
to your career goals in 202*.

Also to enhance that experience and to augment the conversations that are happening here,

It lets me know to make more content like this. and I want to congratulate you on the offer that you did get, and I am wishing you the best of luck in the next step in your career.

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