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The story is about the life of a common farmer, where he is forced to sell his land and work as a farm laborer in his own land. One such story revolves around Rahul “Rahulya” Patil. His father, Dattaram had also sold his land and is living as a watchman in his land. One day, Shinde, the landlord, beats up Dattaram and challenges Rahulya to get his land back. Soon, their family shifts to Pune, where both father and son work as porters in a vegetable market. One day, when local goons extort money from an old man, Rahulya beats him up and ends up in jail. There, he meets Nanya, a powerful gangster with the support of the local MLA. After his release from jail, Rahulya shook hands with Nanya. Meanwhile, he also falls in love with Manda, a tea seller.

Rahul makes a name for himself soon after accidentally killing the mayor and by fabricating the murder as a suicide with false testimonials from witnesses, Nanya bails him out again. Rahulya, with his newfound fame, promises to solve the problems of vegetable vendors by promising that he will buy their products at rates higher than the current prices. Though he is appreciated by the vendors, Dattaram rejects him. Soon, Rahulya is a key member of Nanya’s gang. One day, Pitya and Daya complain to Nanya that they failed to take possession of Rahulya’s land owned by Masterji. Rahulya settles his personal account and takes possession of the land by shooting Masterji in front of his family. Nanya throws him out by making Masterji’s uncle a murderer. Rahulya is completely rejected by her family and is thrown out of her house. Though Manda is apprehensive of Rahul, she believes that he is innocent. One day, Nanya invites Rahulya to her birthday party; In a twist, Rahulya murders her that night, believing that he had sex with his mother and sister. SI Rajveer Singh, a witness to the murder, puts Rahulya behind bars after a physical altercation. He has come out on bail after several months.

Rahulya is now the gangster of the city and everyone is afraid of him. One night, Siddharth aka Sidhu, a pre-teen, comes to meet Rahulya for help and Rahulya adopts him as her brother. Meanwhile, Rajveer takes pity on Rahulya’s family and constantly warns Rahul of dire consequences if he takes the law into his own hands, but to no avail. Rajveer now decides to leave the fate of the gangsters to himself, knowing that killing each other’s gang will only leave one. He further intensifies the inter-gang rivalry by killing members of both the gang without the knowledge of each other. Rahulya, though a rich man, feels lonely. As he goes to the market, Dattaram despises him. Manda’s father Satya also shouts at Rahulya that he will never marry his daughter to her. In anger, Rahul hit her. Manda then hits Rahula and breaks up with him. Rahulya becomes an even more dreaded gangster: he starts extortion, seizes many people’s land and turns his eyes on Dattaram’s land and takes his revenge by killing Shinde. An excited Rahulya shares the news to Dattaram, but is not as happy as ever because of Rahulya’s coercive ways. During one of the land settlements, he comes across a happy family where the father is proud of his sons’ achievements. After hearing this, Rahul now has a change of heart.

As he returns to the market, he meets Dattaram and asks him to come with him and he will join politics. Dattaram said he had many opportunities to mend his ways, but he didn’t. As Rahulya is about to leave, the local MLA is informed of Rahulya’s involvement in politics and suggests father and Daya to kill Rahula. On the day of Vinayaka Chaturthi, Rajveer kills the MLA in an encounter and the two chase Rahul on the streets of Pune to kill him. Rahul quickly calls Sidhu about the incident and asks him to inform everyone. Sidhu and Rahulya reached the market. Meanwhile, Dattaram also calls Rajveer and informs about the incident and reaches the market. Rahulya now comes out in hiding and the two encounter the duo of Daya-Pitt. As soon as the two are captured, Rahulya surrenders himself to the police. Sidhu pulled out his gun and shot Rahulya, killing him. He reveals that he is Masterji’s grandson and has promised his dying mother to avenge his death by killing Rahulya in the market place. Rajveer then confronts Yellow-Daya and kills her. As Rahulya’s body is being cremated, everyone cries and Dattaram laughs frantically as he is reminded of Rahul’s words to smile at least once. After Rajveer leaves, he thinks that Rahulya only needs 6 feet of land, while owning 300 acres of land, Anthem could be met with critics. Got positive reviews. Taran Adarsh ​​of Bollywood Hungama rated the film 3.5 out of 5 stars and described the film as “power-packed”. Raunak Kotecha of The Times of India gave the film a 3 out of 5 rating saying, “With intense action and drama (a little too much), ‘Antiem: The Final Truth’ checks a few boxes for mass entertainment. It also highlights the case of land grabbing by mafia dons who successfully manage to bend the law, as they often join hands with politicians. So, if you like old-fashioned Bollywood movies, which have approx. If you have an excess of everything, ‘Antiem: The Final Truth’ could be your kind of film.” Gulf News gave the film a 2.5 out of 5 rating, saying that “Director Mahesh Manjrekar is popular as a drunk former small-time criminal, but Khedekar’s (Sharma’s princely father) grief feels more real. The actress Mahima Makwana is effective in her part of a fiery woman, some twists will remind you of 80s Bollywood melodrama.All the emotion and violence in this film is exaggerated but it is not an unbearable film. You can also enjoy the good versus bad drama if you are prepared to wake up to the obvious need of this film and bear the brunt.” “Antiem has entertainment value but it lacks innovation,” wrote Komal Nahta of Film Information. Khaleej Times gave the film. Rated 3 out of 5 and wrote “Antiem is a well made film with a generous dose of wonderfully shot action sequences which is offset by some zany dialogues that will make you smile amidst all the doom and gloom. Its strength lies in the fact It is implied that this is a typical Salman Khan film which is more than any other Salman Khan film.” India Today gave the film a 3 out of 5 rating and said that “Anime Sahi Mein is a small step in direction for Salman Khan and a big step for Aayush Sharma, whose path of self-discovery as an actor is marked by this film.” It seems to have begun. Overall, Antim has enough ammunition to deliver what it promised – an action blockbuster with a massive emotional connect.”


IMBD: 8.2/10


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