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The young man who draws the attention of his parents and the whole neighborhood. The colony he lives in, with no children his age, wants a girlfriend where Anupama’s family “Anu” lives. Arjun’s family members are in love with Anu, who sows the seeds of jealousy in Arjun. Over time, this develops into hatred, but Anu develops feelings for Arjuna. Poorly educated, Arjun is always compared to Anu, who is a promising student, which worries him.

To avoid torture, Arjun plans to transfer to Dubai, where his sister lives, under the pretense of pursuing an MBA. With the help of his friend’s connections, who owns a consulting firm, Arjun achieves an excellent score on the GMAT through cheating. Her father throws a party and Arjun is happy and also relieved to be walking away from Anu. Arjun is informed that his application is on the waiting list because he has 1 point less than the other two applicants at the top university where he only has 2 spots available.

When he agrees to change his university preference, one of the two better-performing students turns out to be Anu, which frustrates Arjun. He relays Anu’s plan to study abroad to her mother, who doesn’t want her to continue studying but tries to persuade her to marry. Anu’s violent reaction leads to a big argument and finally, heartbroken, Anu allows himself to be persuaded to marry. On Anu’s wedding day, she publicly kisses Arjun in front of all the guests. Helpless under family pressure, Arjun marries Anu.

On their first night, Anu reveals that she overheard a discussion between Arjun and his friends and found out about Arjun’s poor health, which has messed up his study plans. Anu confesses that the marriage was a plan and now Arjun has no choice but to take her abroad. He gets another applicant to withdraw from the top university. The couple has now moved to Dubai. Arjun and Anu have a love-hate relationship in Dubai. A day after coming back from a night party, the two start a light physical fight and end up having sex.

Anu finds out that she is pregnant and tells Arjun, but Arjun is not ready for this as he is not happy in the relationship and asks her for an abortion. He claims that Anu is making his life hell by getting him involved in marriage and now fatherhood. Angered by his accusations, Anu promises to divorce him after she graduates and doesn’t expect her to have the slightest involvement in the pregnancy. Sensing the problem between the couple, Arjun and Anu’s parents go to them and try to convince them to get married.

Although not impressed by his advice, Anu and Arjun decide not to fight as long as their parents live. Meanwhile, Arjun is happy realizing the baby is emerging from the womb and slowly feeling Anu’s love, and also develops feelings for Anu, who cherishes the best moments they had and remembers how to deal with her hate now lives. When he goes to her to express his love for her, he learns that she has already signed the divorce papers and is waiting for them. Arjun is shocked and apologizes and then tells her how much he loves her and the couple gets back together where they live happily after the birth of their daughter.


IMBD: 7.2/10

Rang de
Rang de

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