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Twelve years later, the Mullins open their home to house their sister Charlotte and six girls left homeless after their orphanage closed. Despite being warned to avoid Bee’s locked bedroom, Janice, a young polio-paralyzed orphan, discovers a note that says “Find Me” and mysteriously enters the locked room. She finds Bee’s wardrobe key and opens it, where she sees a mysterious porcelain doll. This unknowingly unleashes a powerful demon who begins to terrorize the girls.

One night, the ghost, taking on the form of his bee, appears to Janice and claims that he wants her soul from her. Despite her trying to escape through a staircase, the demon remembers to lift the stairs and violently throws her to the ground floor, leaving her badly injured and confined to a wheelchair. Janice’s best friend Linda is haunted by a ghost. One morning, the ghost, posing as Sister Charlotte, leads Janice into the old barn, where, in the form of a bee, he attacks and possesses Janice after vomiting black bile directly into Janice’s mouth. Linda notices a change in Janice’s behavior and tells Samuel that Janice has snuck into Bee’s room and found her doll. Samuel trusts Linda. Janice, now able to walk, turns into a demon and brutally kills Samuel, who follows her as she holds the cross, forcing him to abandon her. Outside, Sister Charlotte hears her screams from her and is horrified to find him dead.

Linda takes Janice’s toy and throws it into the well. A strange noise comes out of the well and she is almost dragged into her, but Sister Charlotte saves her. Worried sister Charlotte talks to a distraught Esther locked up in her bedroom. Esther explains that after Bee’s death, they prayed that any entity would fulfill their desire to see their daughter again. An unknown entity answers their prayers, and although they briefly see her bee spirit, the entity convinces them to transfer her essence into one of Samuel’s handcrafted dolls. They gladly accepted, but soon realized they had attracted a demon in search of a human host. One night, Esther saw the bee spirit turn into a ghost and this tore out one eye. Asking the priests for help to bless the house, they locked the doll in the bee’s closet. Esther and Samuel open their home to repent of their actions, but Esther now regrets it because she has given the demon a chance to seek out a human host.

The ghost kills Esther and attacks her sister Charlotte. The orphans leave the house, but Linda gets trapped and hides in Bee’s room while Janice tries to stab her. Sister Charlotte locks Janice and the doll in the closet. The next day, the police arrive and search the house and find only the doll, which they dispose of as evidence. Sister Charlotte, Linda and the orphans are taken away by the authorities, while Janice escapes through a hole in the toilet wall at an orphanage in Santa Monica. Still unconscious, she feels lonely and calls herself Annabelle. Pete and Sharon Higgins soon adopt Annabelle.

Twelve years later, after worshiping the devil, Annabelle returns home and kills her adoptive parents. Mia wakes up, alerting John to Sharon Higgins’ screams.


IMBD: 7.7/10

Annabelle creation
Annabelle creation download

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