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Aditya was sent to Mumbai a year ago as the new commissioner to curb the city’s rampant drug trade and prostitution. On reaching Mumbai, he rescued three kidnapped women, one of whom is the daughter of the Deputy CM of Maharashtra. Aditya seizes an opportunity and uses the kidnapped women as an excuse to launch a massive campaign against the city’s drug trafficking and prostitution rings. Their efforts have been extremely successful, arresting several drug dealers and child traffickers. Those arrested include Ajay Malhotra, son of an influential industrialist Vinod Malhotra. Vinod initially tries to get Ajay out, but Aditya foils him. Seeking Ajay’s testimony about his involvement in drug trafficking, Aditya visits him in jail, only to find a deputy in his place. He urges both the state and central government to investigate, only to find that the officers assigned to Ajay’s case are working under Vinod’s payroll. Through a secret investigation, Aditya learns that Ajay is hiding in Bangkok and is arrested by the Royal Thai Police on charges of passport fraud. However, corrupt diplomats under Vinod’s parole falsely claim that “Ajay” is still imprisoned in India, forcing him to be released from Thai custody. Undeterred, Aditya returns to India and kills the deputy under the guise of self-defense, while also announcing “Ajay”‘s body while being shown to the media. With no other option in the corner, Vinod’s companions turn against him; To save themselves, they secretly bring Ajay back to India and kill him.

In Ajay’s crew, however, it is revealed that Ajay is not actually Vinod’s son, but Hariharan Chopra, one of the world’s most feared mafia bosses, responsible for the brutal massacre of 57 police officers in Mumbai. Is responsible. At the same time, Hari learns of Ajay’s murder in London. In search of revenge, he travels in secret across the Indo-Bangladeshi border into India. Fearing for his life, Vinod approaches Aditya’s daughter Valli and warns her that Aditya is in danger. Hari later stabs Vinod for his inability to protect Ajay. He also targets Aditya and Valli and attacks them by planning a horrific car accident. Although Aditya survives the attack, Valli is diagnosed with terminal internal bleeding. The doctor tells her that she has only 2 hours to live, after which she will die. Frustrated, she takes a selfie for Aditya and dies.

When a heartbroken Aditya learns of Valli’s death, she turns violent. Holding Vinod responsible, Aditya sneaks into his apartment, only to find out about his murder. Angry and confused, Aditya sets out to uncover the truth behind Valli’s death, bringing the film back to the present day, killing several gangsters in the process. In the present, Aditya and his subordinates are ambushed by Hari’s goons. Although they survive the attack, Aditya is suspended for his rash behaviour. Almost on the verge of giving up, he finds Valli’s video, which reveals Vinod’s early warning; Valli also encourages Aditya to persevere and investigate further. Buoyed by new confidence, Aditya manages to get reinstated in the police force by proving his physical and mental stability. He later traces Ajay’s true biological origin to Hari. While trying to escape from Aditya, Hari plots the brutal murders of several police officers. Undeterred, Aditya traces the old Mumbai media office building, which is owned by media conglomerate Pramod Gupta, to one of Hari’s associates, to find out Hari’s location. Aditya raided the complex with the help of the police. He manages to kill Hari’s goons and capture Gupta; He himself fails to capture Hari. Returning to the site of his infamous murder, Hari seduces Aditya by holding the families of the deceased police officers hostage at gunpoint. Aditya fights with Hari and emerges victorious. Hari tries to shoot Aditya but he kills Hari to end Hari’s reign of terror, to avenge Valli’s death and to ensure peace in Mumbai.


IMBD: 7.7/10


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