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The vast majority of the human population would die in the next few years due to catastrophic natural disasters, including tsunamis, which occur after the Earth’s rotation stops. As the planet moves away from the Sun, most of the surface will be frozen, forcing the rest of the humans to live with engines and the vast underground cities built below. Seventeen years later, in 2078, Liu Peiqiang would return to Earth after the Chinese New Year. Her son Liu Qi, now an adult, obtains fake IDs and thermal suits from criminal gangs, and steals his grandfather’s IRS to seize his foster sister Han Duoduo’s illegal heavy-duty transport vehicle. Is. Both have been arrested and imprisoned at a nearby post. They meet fellow prisoner Tim and are soon joined by Han Xiang after unsuccessfully trying to bribe the jailer to release them.

As Earth approaches Jupiter to use the gravity assist, the increase in tidal force causes devastating earthquakes that paralyze many Earth engines around the world. Jupiter’s gravity puts Earth on a collision course with the gas giant. The four escape from prison amidst the chaos and try to get to another underground city in Han Jiang’s truck. A military rescue team led by Captain Wang Lei intercepted them and called for an emergency response while transporting a lighter corps to restart the 01 Earth Engine in Hangzhou. In the frozen ruins of Shanghai, they lose their vehicle while driving Ghatak to the ruins of the Shanghai Tower, where Han Jiang dies after being captured. After a confrontation with the other rescue team members, Liu, Tim and Han decide to abandon the mission. The trio stumbles upon a crashed cargo plane with an intact craft, where the surviving engineer on board, Lee Yi, eventually convinces them to transport another lighter core to Sulawesi to fix the torque engine, and the other members. way to reconcile with. ,

Liu Peiqiang learns that MOSS, A.I. The space station’s commander has prioritized a new mission: instead of helping Earth, the station should serve as an interstellar ark with Earth’s biosphere to colonize a new planet. Liu manages to break out of forced hibernation to reach the control room with Russian cosmonaut Maxim Makarov. During the spacewalk, Makarov is killed by the spacecraft’s automatic safeguards. Liu enters the control room, but his attempts to circumvent the evacuation procedures are repulsed for disobedience. Liu Qi’s group arrives at the Sulawesi Supply Depot to find that the engine has already been fully restored, along with most others around the world. However, the combined thrust of the thrusters is no longer able to deflect the trajectory, and Earth is approaching Jupiter’s Roche limit. Moss sends one final message to the world, but Liu Peiqiang is reluctant to follow the AI’s instructions.

Liu Qi suggested igniting the oxygen-rich mixture of the atmospheres of Jupiter and Earth to blow up the Earth. Li Yiyi hacks the Sulawesi engine and concentrates his power to fire a plasma jet large enough to ignite Jupiter. Overcoming various challenges, the party is largely able to reconfigure the engine to meet the plan, but is unable to depress the engine’s firing pin to ignite it.

Liu Peiqiang, contacted by Han, is able to persuade UEG to use their communication channels to call for help for the party in Sulawesi, although MOSS reveals that solutions have already been worked out by Israeli scientists. The effort has been made and there is zero chance of success. Other rescue and repair teams arrive in time and the engine is started along with two other engines but Jupiter fails to ignite the hydrogen. With Makarov a bottle of vodka smuggled on board after disabling the MOSS with fire, Liu Peiqiang pilots the space station in a plasma jet and delivers his promises before sacrificing himself to ignite the atmosphere’s mixture. Apologized to his son for breaking it. The ensuing shockwave saves Earth from destruction, leaving Liu Qi and Han barely able to escape.


IMBD: 7.7/10

The Wandering earth
The Wandering earth

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