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The film begins with an exorcism performed on a young girl in a village in Rajasthan who was raised by her late grandfather. However, Vibhuti soon learns that the girl was pretending to have an asset, which she accepts. It turned out that her parents forced her to get married while she wanted to continue her studies. The brothers agree to help her, and although Chironji is opposed to their brother’s illegal methods, the two use a fake exorcism.

Later, the brothers come to a tantric fair in search of new cases. With Vibhuti busy with one of the customers, Chironji leaves the camp to focus on deciphering his father’s book. However, the script used in the book is an ancient language that no one can read. Defeated and exhausted, Chironji asks his father to show him a sign and help him, who does so by rolling the book down the hill and stopping at the feet of a girl (Yami Gautam Dhar) while Chironji accidentally takes it from her finds the key to reading the ancient book and runs away to inform his brother. Vibhuti isn’t interested at first and they have a hilarious brawl when Vibhuti suddenly sees a police inspector named Chedilal (Javed Jaffrey) looking for him. Vibhuti tells Chironji to pack up all his belongings and go to the van while he buys time for their escape. Near the van, Chironji finds the same girl in the guise of Ullat Baba along with another Baba (Goggle Baba). Troubled by the imposter, he tells the girl the truth about being his real Ullat Baba and son and also fights with Goggle Baba’s men. Within a few minutes Vibhuti also arrives and all three drive to Dharamsala.

The girl Maya tells them how her father, the infamous Ullat Baba, helped her father 27 years ago by chasing a paranormal being named “Kichkandi” from his tea garden in Dharamsala. Now the same kitchen is back and the workers are afraid to work in the factory after dark. The van arrives in the village and everyone gives them a warm welcome, except for Maya’s sister, Kanika (Jacqueline Fernandez). While Chironji is interviewing the villagers, each of whom has different accounts of being haunted by kichkandi, Vibhuti entertains a little girl named Titli. Maya sees a picture of Ullat Baba and sees a person who is still there, a man named Santo.

The brothers meet with the saints who live in a monastery. Santo remembers how his wife was captured by Kichkandi 27 years ago, murdered two men and permanently blinded Santo. Ullat Baba came and performed an exorcism in the forest, trapping Kichkandi’s spirit in a bone in a jar and securing it in a burned tree. However, Santo’s wife died. The brothers go into the forest and find the same pot. Vibhuti, suspecting the supernatural, breaks the glass and leaves the bone in the forest. Maya’s dog Shunko comes into Maya’s bedroom with a bone in his mouth, resulting in Maya’s capture. Vibhuti, still skeptical, learns that the manager pretended to be a real ghost to scare the tea villagers so Kanika could convince her sister to sell her property. Vibhuti agrees to perform a fake exorcism for money. During a fake exorcism, Vibhuti makes Chiyaruanji drink alcohol without his knowledge to create a dramatic scenario for the villagers to believe. Chironji finds out about this and both brothers get into a fight and decide to go their separate ways.

Vibhuti encounters Titli again and while running away from Chhedi, he learns that Titli is actually a ghost and he himself begins to believe in ghosts. Kichkandi, who is now with Maya, attacks Chironji and Chironji accidentally transfers the soul from Maya’s body to Vibhuti’s body when he was about to transfer it to himself. Chironji, with the help of his father’s knowledge, sees that Kichkandi is in fact Titli’s mother and that they were both killed by the British owners of the land, Kichkandi was burned alive while Titli was shot dead while killing her mother. Kichkandi is looking for her daughter. Bhai and the rest of the gang help Titli and Kichkandi reunite and raise the spirits to heaven. Maya and Kanika confirm their sister’s bond. The screen goes black and the song “I I Bhoot Police” plays. Then we see Chedilal on the phone with an unidentified man who asks him if the ghost police are willing to take on the case involving werewolves and vampires. Chhedilal asks him to get three business class tickets to Scho first ttland to book, and thus indicates a continuation.


IMBD: 6.7/10

Bhoot Police
Bhoot Police

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