How to ignore a guy Who Hurt you

Human relationships are complex. Sometimes there are a few strategies that you have to use to get a guy’s attention.

Maybe you’ve been in a relationship for a long time and you’re going through a difficult period: he’s distant and you don’t feel like yourself anymore, he’s gone and you don’t know how to deal with the situation.

How to ignore a guy Who Hurt you

Maybe you’ve been in a relationship recently and don’t want to spoil it by being too clingy. You want everything to go well, but when it’s a little too early to say something, you get the impression that it’s leaving.

Take a deep breath and be patient.

Most women will overreact. To get the attention of the boy, they would do more stupid things.

But you won’t because I’ll show you how to get his attention, even if you feel like he’s lost at the moment.

In situations like this, all you have to do is use this secret cure called IGNORANCE to stop the “syndrome” of separation.

While it sounds simple and very obvious, believe me, when it comes to emotions, it is hard to control yourself. You may even find yourself doing things you vowed never to do.

If you’re told the story of a girl who didn’t respond to a guy (or something like that) you’ll probably say, “I would never do that.” he’s mad! If I had been in the same situation, I would have completely ignored it.

But here you are, doing the exact same thing you swore to yourself never to do. He finds it very difficult to ignore.

The strategy of “ignorance” has to be implemented somehow. Start with yourself and then slowly think about what you want from him.

Here are some tips to increase your chances of success and get your attention for an “ignorance” mission.

Ignore the urge to undo your feelings

Here is a trap that many women fall into. They think men have a way of feeling the same way they do. That’s why they express their feelings very quickly.

Men can be scared. They usually take longer to understand and then express their feelings. Showing his feelings too clearly or exaggeratedly can explain why he is heading in a different direction.

always in peace. Only go out and express their feelings when they are ready to express their feelings.

Ignore the urge to undo your feelings

Make sure you are on the same level. If she expresses your love and connection too quickly, she may show signs of hopelessness or insecurity.

By giving her space and time to think, you can pave the way for mutual love.

He’ll probably wonder why you’ve changed and why you’re paying less attention to him and this will bring him to you.

Ignore your need to overreact

Most women jump to conclusions. Maybe that’s okay, but you might think the opposite just because he doesn’t respond to your messages right away or because he didn’t put a “heart” emoji after saying goodnight to you.

Ignore your need to overreact

Whatever you do, make sure you are concerned and accountable, and make sure you respond appropriately.

Constantly complaining and getting mad at every little thing can drive them crazy! No one likes to spend time listening to groans, and certainly not without reason.

Choose your battles wisely

If there’s a real problem you want to talk to her about, make sure it really is. If he hurts you in any way, you need to talk to him openly. However, the tendency to overdo it can quickly ruin a relationship.

You want me to see you as a woman who doesn’t analyze every word too much. You have one life to live and you can’t spend it on every little thing about it. Solve only important problems.

He might even be surprised if he doesn’t see that you’re reacting to things that usually drive you crazy.

Stop ignoring yourself and that too will stop

Think about yourself first. Don’t pay too much attention to his needs. Don’t pick up the phone every time he calls you or every last minute he invites you. You don’t have to pretend to be busy. you must be very busy. busy alone.

Live your life the way you want. Pay attention to your needs. There are your studies, your friends, your family, your job, your ambitions, your hobbies and other interests that have nothing to do with it.

You should have your own life and definitely be an important part of it. It should be what suits your schedule, at least from time to time.

You don’t have to sit back all the time to live up to his plans. Compromise is always a good thing, but don’t let them think you don’t have a life of your own.

A man loves nothing more than an independent woman who can find a place for her in his busy schedule.

Stop ignoring your desires

Take matters into your own hands. Plan road trips. Organize a dinner. Make a plan for something you both like. Tell him that you have organized an activity and you would like him to join you.

Many women are used to men planning everything. This is a way to show him your independence, your ability to organize activities, and your willingness to connect with you.

At this point, it’s extremely important to say, “If you can’t come, that’s fine. I’m asking a friend to come with me because I really want to go.

It forces them to ask.” does, “Which friend? You will show him your abilities without even having fun with him.

It’s actually a subtle way to ignore it.

Follow his example

If he’s ignoring your messages, don’t ask him why. Do the same: don’t write them down anymore. don’t call him Do not insist. Don’t force

He’ll show more interest when he realizes he hasn’t heard from you than when he realizes you’ve sent him one message after another to find out.

It’s a bad idea to invest in someone who doesn’t invest in us. Therefore, you should not give him more than what he gives you.

You have to love each other immediately and give yourself a lot of time and attention.
Of course, you won’t measure and record who is giving what and on what occasion.

But make sure you’re on the same page.

If you feel that you are giving too much when he is not giving you anything, then you need to ask yourself if you really want this kind of relationship.

The bottom line is that men are relatively “easy”: If you run after them, they run away. If you give them a rest, they will run after you!

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