Why is Venus so hot

Mercury is closer to the Sun than Venus. However, its surface temperature is lower than that of its neighbour. How to explain this difference?

It is about 465°C on the surface of Venus. This is higher than that of Mercury, where surface temperatures can reach 430 °C during the day.

The difference in temperature between these two planets may seem surprising, given that Mercury’s orbit is closer to the Sun than Venus.

Why is there less summer than the neighbor?

The orbit of Mercury is an average of 58 million kilometers from the Sun. This average distance to Venus is 108 million kilometers.

“If we are interested in the difference in mean temperatures on Venus and Mercury, let’s call it comparative planetary science: we are studying the same phenomenon on many planets.

This tells us that we cannot assume that The farther a planet is from the Sun, the lower its average temperature.

This is a very strict rule that does not correspond to reality”, declared Numerama Lee Gritton, doctor of astrophysics and researcher at the Institute of Astrophysics and Planetary Research (IRAP).

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