How to attract a Man Who ignores you

Relationships are complicated and delicate, and sometimes all you need is a winning strategy to get a guy (or guy) attention.

This applies to both new relationships and relationships that haven’t started yet, where you don’t want to ruin everything by running too hard or clinging on too much.

How to attract a Man?

For those more lasting, yet more serious relationships that are going through a rough time where he seems distant and you feel like he doesn’t care about you like he used to.

You want everything to be alright but feel like your partner is about to leave and you don’t know how to handle the situation.

In these cases, many women will overreact and possibly overreact. You can do anything to get attention. Instead, slow down and take a deep breath first.

In these cases, it is best to simply ignore them.

While this may seem simple, in reality it is no easy matter; When emotions are involved, it is difficult to have good control over our actions.

Men are complicated. Sometimes they can’t live without us, but they pretend they don’t need us. Pretend that you don’t care about him and you’ll see he start to change his mind.

If a man is given too much attention, he will think he can get whatever he wants and will stop caring about you.

A man likes advertising. You are happy to be with a woman who is hard to conquer. If you “won” too easily you won’t see it as anything special or a “prize”.

Men like someone that everyone loves but has been successful in winning over.

So, does a man want you more when you ignore a man? Yes sir!! The best way to increase their cravings is to ignore them. Here are some suggestions to fix it.

1 – Ignore the need to show your feelings

This is one of the most common traps when women try to get their partner’s attention. Unfortunately, however, women tend to think that men experience emotions just like them and tend to show their feelings too soon.

Ignore the need to show your feelings

This especially scares men who need more time to understand and most of all share their feelings.

So slow down his pace a bit and wait for him to share it with you before showing your feelings. Make sure you are on the same level. If you reveal your feelings too soon, you may appear uncertain or desperate.

He’ll start wondering why you’re not showing emotions the way you used to be and why you want more of yourself.

2 – Ignite this madness

This is something that works for everyone, men and women. When we can have something simple, we don’t worry as much.

Conversely, if we want something but have a hard time, we become more determined. The same psychology works in love.

Assure him that he can’t have you and you will see how he drops everything to win you over.

3 – Do not overreact

Many women jump to conclusions. Just because he didn’t reply to a message or ended the message with an emoticon, doesn’t mean something is wrong.

Whatever you do, first make sure you have a compelling reason to respond.

Constantly complaining about small things can push them away from you. No one likes to have someone complain all the time, especially for no good reason.

Do not overreact

So choose your fight wisely. When you have a valid issue to discuss, raise it, but only if it’s really important.

The point is that you see yourself as a woman who doesn’t exist to control everything you do or say. Plus, you have your own life to live and you don’t have time to focus on what you do. Focus on bigger problems (if any).

He may also be surprised and, why not, concerned that you are no longer reacting the way you used to and that you are not complaining about the little things.

4 – Shatter your ego

Men have huge egos, they like to feel on top of the world, and they like to be in control. They love to exercise their skills in all areas of life, especially in attracting a mate.

He will do everything to win you over, given the satisfaction he will have when he succeeds.

If you pretend that what he’s doing isn’t enough, his attention will be drawn to you. If you think he won’t react if you behave like this, then you are wrong.

Give him a little trouble because he has you, trust me, he will appreciate you more.

5 – Stop ignoring you and that too will stop

Think about yourself first. Don’t always put his needs first and be available to him, for example when he invites you out at the last minute.

You don’t have to appear committed, but feel committed to yourself. Make your life the way you want and focus on your needs.

You have your friends and family, your job or your studies, your activities and interests, etc. You have to live your life and it should be a part of it.

Stop ignoring you and that too will stop

If you are very friendly, he will take advantage of the opportunity to do his own thing. He takes your availability lightly and thinks you will always have time for him and his business.

He should also change his plans to do something that is right for you. You don’t always have to follow their schedule. It’s okay to compromise, but don’t make them think you don’t have a life of your own.

A man likes an independent woman by his side who has time for her too.

6 – Restore your value

Many women make the mistake of convincing men that we are their property because we are showing them the first interest.

Restore your value

We will do everything we can to get the attention of the person we care about. We show them our interest very quickly.

If the guy you’re interested in (or with) is an attractive guy that all women want, they will undoubtedly have a huge ego.

He has a habit of attracting the attention of women and for that they definitely have to be ignored.

You have to make it clear to him that he can’t find you like everyone else before you. You have to show him a skill that no one has shown him before.

7 – Stop Ignoring Your Desires

to start. Plan a trip, eat dinner, buy tickets to a movie she might be interested in, or a concert from a singer you both love.

Many women have a habit of taking the initiative of men and organizing everything. Instead, organize something that both of you think you’ll care about.

Stop Ignoring Your Desires

Or tell him you’ve organized an event or activity and ask him if he’d like to go with you. It’s also a way to show him that you are autonomous and know how to take the initiative.

You should just tell him, “If you can’t come with me, that’s fine, I can ask a friend to come with me.” Let her know that you’re really interested in going to the event without her and that most importantly, you can have fun without her.

8 – Show them what it’s like to be ignored

If you’re in a relationship where your partner ignores you or doesn’t give you a lot of attention, show them how they feel.

Sometimes talking or communicating with your partner doesn’t work, so ignore them for a while, ignore messages or their calls, and watch their attitude change. Don’t worry about what he might think if you ignore him.

Ignoring him will show him that you don’t need him and that he is grateful to have you, and if he doesn’t give you the attention you deserve, he may lose you.

9 – hot and cold

But be careful, it can get boring after some time if you keep ignoring it. He may think he has no chance of winning you over (or winning you back) and will stop trying.

hot and cold

So let him know that he still has a chance to succeed. You were cold and ignored him, but you also have to show him that he’s a little bit interested.

Talk to him when you get a chance and show interest in what he has to say. You can also text him for advice. You have to find the right balance between ignoring and paying attention.

If you see his attention moving towards you, it means he is working.

10 – Envy Him

Men are very competitive, especially when it comes to women, and it can be enough to make them a little jealous to show them what they are up against.

If you’re not already in a relationship, there’s a little bit of flirtation or interest in other men that you can show. If you’re already in a relationship.

The first thing to consider is how jealous your partner is. Showing interest in other men may not be the smartest thing to do, but in these cases, you can talk to another guy or laugh at his jokes.

This technique is one of the riskiest, in fact you risk fighting or making scenes in public if your partner is jealous. If you haven’t started a relationship with the person.

You want yet, this tactic can send the message that you’re not interested in them or that you’re interested in someone else.

So don’t overdo it, you just need to ignite a small spark of jealousy, not a fire.

11 – Follow his example

If he is ignoring your messages or calls, don’t ask why he is ignoring them. Do the same, don’t text him or call him. Don’t force or force anything.

If he doesn’t get your messages, he’ll care more about you. However, if you are too available and keep calling him, he will lose some interest.

Always taking the initiative and approaching him first will put him in a stronger position. Ignore him from time to time and wait for him to write first.

How to attract

And when he writes, don’t reply right away and above all, don’t give the impression that you’ve been waiting for him to remember your existence the whole time.

Don’t tell him you’re upset or angry because he’s never made contact with you before.

Nor is it worth investing in someone who doesn’t give you what you give them. If he’s not interested in contacting you, don’t waste time contacting him.

You should be in a relationship where both of you give each other time and attention. Of course, you can’t measure exactly how much time or attention each of you is spending, but overall it should be the same.

If you feel that you are giving a lot but getting little in return, consider again whether you want this type of relationship.

After all, ignoring him is a good test to see if he really cares about you. If you ignore him using any of the methods listed above and he continues to care about you, then you are on the right track.

On the other hand, if he doesn’t do anything, you’ll know he’s not interested in you and you’ll start to act accordingly.

The moral of the story is that men are simple: If you hunt them, they will survive. If you ignore them, they will chase you.

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