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The airbag warning light is one of several warning lights on your vehicle’s dashboard. Like warning lights for other equipment (coolant, engine, etc.), it notifies you of a malfunction related to your airbag’s electrical system.

How does the airbag warning light work?

The airbag warning light is connected to a specific computer located on the tunnel of your dashboard. This computer records all the information communicated to it by various sensors located on either side of your car.

The airbag warning light may be on if the computer registers the following signals:

Accident detection: depending on the severity of the impact, the airbags may be on and there will be a warning light on the instrument panel;

System failure: If the airbag system is no longer working, the warning light will come on immediately to inform you;

Setting up a baby seat in front: This will come on when you deactivate the airbag on the passenger side to install the car seat, while on more modern vehicles, it uses sensors that detect the presence of the seat against the seat. automatically deactivates using . dashboard;

Battery low voltage: The airbag computer is particularly sensitive to a drop in battery voltage, which may cause the warning light to turn on;

Airbag connectors are bad: placed under the front seats, it is very likely that there is an incorrect contact between them;

Steering Wheel Switch Incorrectly Configured: This is the switch that connects the electrical contacts between your steering wheel and the vehicle’s dashboard. If it no longer provides this connection, the warning light will be on because it no longer detects the correct operation of the airbag.

Airbag Warning Light On: How To Remove It?
airbag warning light on how to remove it

If your airbag warning light is on and continues to be active, there are several solutions available to you to turn it off. Therefore you can try to remove the airbag warning light by performing the following operations on your vehicle:

Check Airbag Activation: The airbag deactivation switch may be located in the glove box or at the end of the dashboard on the passenger side. You can activate and deactivate it using the key used to turn on the ignition. If it is deactivated, it is normal for the warning light to come on, but it will go out once you reactivate the airbag by turning the switch on with your key.

Check the connections of the airbag connectors. You can do this if your car does not have an electric or heated seat. Actually, there is an electric harness under the front seats. You can unplug the cables and then plug them back in. Then, switch on your car’s ignition and if you see that the light is still on, it is not these cables that are causing it.
Charge your vehicle’s battery. Your vehicle’s battery voltage will need to be checked with a multimeter. If it is below 12 volts, it will need to be recharged using a battery charger or battery booster. The airbag warning light is sensitive to changes in your battery’s voltage, so it should be charged to a good level.

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Why does the airbag warning light flash?

airbag warning light flashes

Typically, when the airbag warning light flashes, it indicates an electrical problem with the airbag’s connectors. Thus, it will therefore be necessary that you try to disconnect and then reconnect these connectors that are under your front seats of the vehicle.

However, if these connectors are not available because you have power or heated seats, it will be necessary to diagnose the car using a diagnostic case.

It will be able to retrieve all the information entered by your car’s computer and will be able to inform you about the origin of the electrical fault. That way, you can get it fixed directly by the mechanic who did the diagnosis on your vehicle.

Has the Airbag Warning Light Been Checked for Burning During the Technical Inspection?
Has the burnt out airbag warning light been checked, technical check?
Many motorists wonder if the light of the airbag warning light is checked during your trip to do a technical check of your vehicle. the answer is yes. This is considered a major fault as this warning light indicates that the airbag is faulty.

Since it is an essential tool to guarantee your safety, it should not be overlooked. If your airbag warning light continues to light up, this is a reason for a technical check. This is why it will be necessary to have this electrical problem resolved before your car goes to the next technical inspection.

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