Why did you leave your Last Job?

Why did you leave your last job here are some answers

This is a super classic. Do not bore the interlocutor with your story from elementary school to today, prepare a short sentence describing you.

Language should be simple, understandable and, why not, effective.

Then move on to the personal or professional experiences that qualify your application for the desired position. Emphasize your strengths based on the situation!

Avoid talking about sad moments, they happen to everyone and are aimed at positively attracting the interlocutor’s attention.

What are we doing here? Why do you want to change jobs?

If you’ve been left home tell them clearly, if the company has cut back or closed, explain honestly.

If you’ve been fired, don’t hide it and explain the reasons (be honest, your negotiator might go to your previous employer). Perhaps try to explain to him what you learned from the experience.

Otherwise, if you are considering quitting your current job, never speak negatively about it.

Always be positive, it will benefit your entire career!

“I have been in my current position for 3 years and now I would like to delve deeper into the topics you have suggested…”

“I believe that the position you offer can be an impetus for personal growth.”

How do you see yourself in 5 years?

This is a question recruiters ask to determine if an open position meets your expectations.

Formulate a sensible answer (we would all like to be millionaires on a yacht) and remember that keeping someone in a company is always an investment for the company

No one will ever hire someone who plans a working life that is incompatible with that

Talk about your goals, family and work.

“In five years I want to be a calm and complete person, working in your company with satisfaction and professionalism.”

Be honest, it counts!

What do you know about our company?

It’s simple: go to the Internet, click on the company’s website and go to the “About Us” page. Tell him about it without showing knowledge.

The recruiter just wants to understand if you’re capable of documenting yourself, they want to understand if you care. If you are successful, try to find points of contact between the company and yourself.

Use words like:

“These are values that I share because my personality…”

“I really believe in what you’re proposing because I think…”

… increase the attractiveness of your application!

What is your strength? and weaknesses?

Be prepared to answer truthfully. If you do not prepare this question in advance, you will give the wrong answer and give the answer that you think your interlocutor wants to hear. Otherwise nothing wrong!

Prepare yourself for 5 strengths and 5 weaknesses. Think calmly, be specific, and acknowledge them in your career. Be prepared to explain each point and think how to improve the weak points.

What professional successes have you achieved?

Identify a tangible, measurable and documented result.

“I improved customer satisfaction by x%”
And so forth.

If the result cannot be generalized to the work team or company, look for personal benefits:

“I improved my performance”

and explains how. In general, it’s best to be able to name numbers. for example:

“After six months, I went from doing 100 files a month to 160 files.”

Why is there a break in your career?

It happens that there is a period when you did not work, the reasons may be different:

personal commitments
To build
It is important to always be able to document a moment of personal growth. Think of everything you did during that time that made you rich.

How do you deal with stressful work?

Stress management is fundamental to professional success.

By answering this question, you need to show that you can handle very stressful times by giving a concrete example.

Explain the practical steps you took to overcome this and the strategies you implemented.

How many tennis balls fit in a jeep?

Smile at this question, as well as at all “impossible” questions.

Even the recruiter doesn’t know the answer. He doesn’t ask for your number


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