Happy 60th birthday wishes | Happy 60th birthday gifts.

“Love and best wishes on your birthday”.

It usually ends there. There is no inspiration in finding the right words for your loved ones or you just feel like you just can’t express what you really want to say. But don’t worry, the Hooray heroes are coming to your aid!

In front of you is a huge selection of the best handpicked birthday wishes and quotes that are guaranteed to sweeten every boy and girl’s birthday.

Why? Our birthday wishes are not chain dedications … oh no! These lyrics are written by writers like you – moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, real heroes – bravely armed, pen in hand! On guard!

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30 Best wishes on your 60th birthday


We warmly congratulate you on your birthday and

I wish you great adventures in your future life path!


I wish you best on your birthday.
May all your dream come true.
I will always be there for you and help you achieve your goals.


Celebrating a birthday is a success,
the whole family is involved.
Who determines this day
is clearly the birthday boy!
This is why you are the center of attention today
and celebrate your birthday in a wild and colorful way.
We wish you lots of fun
all the best and a nice day.


Today is the cake, everyone comes to see you.
Today you can try to blow out the candles.
Today is your birthday, everyone is happy,
All your friends are there too
The best day, for sure
because today you are real, the biggest star of all.


Today you are one year old
this is really beautiful !
Stay happy and always healthy,
worry free at any time.
Love, happiness and sun
it could still be with you.


Not smaller, not yet tall.
Out of mom’s lap for many years.
Very sharp smears
down the hall.

Now you also have your first teeth
Many tears flow from round eyes.
Do you like to be enthroned on the mountain of dirty clothes,
cute little fluffy dwarf.
You already say fascinating words
The birthday cake is for you today.


2 years that you are in this world,
do bad things.
I cried once, but mostly I laughed
and made me happy every day.
I love you, sweet face
there is always room for you in my heart!
Whatever happens, whatever happens
you must never forget, I am here and I love you!
I wish you the best on your second birthday, my dear.


A thousand questions remain unanswered:
How are you doing ?
We all hope for your luck
who stand before you enchanted.

Welcome here to the club!
The greatest treasure of parents for a long time,
take it now, very slowly and slowly,
also place in our hearts.


They have been with me for several weeks
I broke your head day and night.
But I do not succeed in a poem:
I love you, that’s all I’m saying!


Today it’s all about the house,
why are you celebrating.
Many guests bring you
Parcel wrapped in wrapping paper.
You open it and look inside
what will be in there?
you squeal so happily, you laugh so well,
Hope your day is wonderful.
We hope it’s clear
a great new year!


Wanting happiness according to your goal
give you something good,
thank you and take it
without too many worries.

Any gift is welcome
but most of all:
What are you looking for
may you be successful!

Happy birthday princess!


I wish you good luck,
that welcomes you in the morning.
I wish you a laugh
That makes your heart sing
I wish you friendship,
who shares and takes care of it.
And all the joy
that only a birthday can bring.


Have the sun in my heart, rain or snow,
if the sky is full of clouds, the earth is full of conflicts …
have the sun in my heart, then whatever happens:
that shine with light for you on the darkest day!

Best wishes for your birthday!


We wish you a bright future
Spring fever even in winter,
a shooting star for every wish,
a series of infinite luck
Chocolate toothpaste
and castles in the air to touch …


Wish you:
SUN in your heart so that you can survive the rainy days.
CALM to find you.
COURAGE to change to be yourself.
Serenity to be taken every day as it comes.
STRENGTH to do what is right for you always.
EXPECT a life the way you want it.
TIME to take advantage of everything.


Are you three today?
It is almost magical!
Yesterday you were still so small
should it be different from today?
Tinkering with baby steps into the big world,
what does it have in store for you?
Small miracles, big feats
it will surely be waiting for you.
So much excitement, fun and adventure,
some things you may not be very comfortable with.
But then you can always be sure
that you are never alone
We will be by your side
and walk even the difficult paths with you!


I wish you 12 months of health all year.


Mom and Dad love you very much
and we can’t wait to see you grow more and happy
and we are curious to know what will become of you one day.


Each day in this life is given to you only once
like every year that has passed once.
But a year has several days, full of fatigue, full of pestilence,
full of joy and happiness too. Think about it with love.
Stay true to your own principles, enjoy every day of your life,
Live your life consciously and luckily it is only given to you once!


May so many skilled guardian angels accompany you on all your paths
and let you go through life happy and full of energy.


for your first birthday and I hope
may all your drea and wish come true.


It’s your birthday again!
You are now 2 years old and we don’t want a single second
missing the last 2 years – we love you with all our heart
and I am so proud that you are our son!
You are still so small and you have your whole life ahead of you.
So exciting what you will experience!
You need to know that the whole world is open for you
and we will always support you in everything!
Stay safe and sound!
You are our golden treasure!


Enjoy your childhood
jumping in puddles
climbing trees
Fly a kite
secretly munch the batter of the cake.

Be brave,
laugh a lot and loud,
build sand castles,
go on an adventure,
discover the animals in the clouds,

Use your imagination
forget the time and be happy.
Make your dreams come true.


Our magic mouse.
You are and always will be our little heroine
and we will always be there for you!


But what I wish you is very close:
Have a happy and healthy new year of life.


We wish you to keep your child’s heart
that as long as you live you will always find something
you can be happy with,
you can hope for
you believe in
that you can love


That hopes will come true
that people give you so much love
understand you in your thinking.
I wish you to weigh,
the courage to face life
I also wish you happiness,
which helps brighten up everyday life.
I especially wish you
very successful in your endeavors,
can you do it all?
what you dream of in your life.


We are very proud of you and look forward to that every year
that you belong to our family – that’s clear.
You invited us to your birthday party today,
Grandmother and grandfather give thanks


Hard to believe, but true
today you are already 1 year old.
Each day passes in an instant
and every day you learn
We wish you for your party
only the best of the heart.
Grow, keep growing
stay so happy and always happy.


We wish you the best
for your fifth birthday,
all the luck in the world
and exciting stories.

You are a big boy
stay exactly as you are.
We love you.

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