Why do you Believe you are suitable for this role Best Answer

“why do you want this job?” or Why do you Believe you are suitable for this role Best Answer.

This is one of the most common and frequently asked questions during job interviews and is often one of the easiest to make mistakes.

When asking this question, the recruiter is asking you, “Why are you sitting in front of me in this room today?” Too often candidates give hasty answers, for example:

“I want this job because I need a new professional challenge” or “because it sounds like a great company to work for”. But these people are not often called back for the second interview.

The recruiter will not be impressed by a generic answer that he has already heard thousands of times.

After all, these cliches don’t tell him anything more about you than he already knows – they don’t explain why you should be right for that particular company.

It takes time and resources for a company to hire new professionals, and your answers should be designed to assure the recruiter that you have the right passion for that type of job.

You can actually support that organization’s business.

With that in mind, “Why do you want this job?

Explain why you are passionate about that company

People who have a genuine passion for the company show superior professional performance while reaching important milestones over time.

Maybe you’ve been fascinated by some news you read on the web or in newspapers related to a company, or maybe you’ve always been attracted to that brand.

In both cases it is important that you communicate passion and enthusiasm for that business reality when answering the above question.

Explain how you align with the company’s values, specifically what products or services you are passionate about and how positively you have been influenced by their recent financial results, awards or awards.

Explain why you are passionate about that job

Hearing your feedback, the recruiter will want to be reassured that you will not only be perfect for the job, but that you will also have the right enthusiasm to do it.

So, when you answer this question, show your passion for the role in question, indicate what aspects of this professional position immediately appealed to you when you read the job posting and explain why.

Explain Why This Job Opportunity Will Let You Grow

It is very important to remember that the recruiter will most likely want to choose a professional who is able to add value to the business not only immediately, but in the medium term as well.

Guided by a healthy ambition and capable of being fully committed to the good of the company.

So, while answering the above question, state how you want to improve your skills and how this job will allow you to achieve new goals.

Then, continue by explaining why you think this company will help you increase your professional knowledge.

Reiterate that you are very happy to be interviewed

Finally, tell the recruiter again about your satisfaction on getting selected for this interview.

Example of a perfect answer:

Below is an example of an effective response given during an interview by a marketing executive for a job position within a company in the cyber security field:

“Cyber security is a really important area, always in constant growth and development.

It is a market in which I have generated a lot of interest over the years and during this time I have always followed news about XXX company, making it a leader.

I am well aware that you create innovative and state-of-the-art solutions and I have read a lot of documentation, deepened it with interest.

I don’t hide the fact that when I did your job I was overwhelmed with great enthusiasm when I saw the advertisement.

As soon as I read the description of the role, one thing that struck me the most was the focus on my use of social media, which perfectly suited my skills.

Although the social media space is my strongest potential, I know that they are constantly evolving and I have to keep myself updated constantly.

However, by working for XXX Company, which by its very nature should always be at the forefront of the market, with a sophisticated social media strategy.

I will certainly be able to learn from other experts, and thus progress in knowledge of this area. I will

In conclusion, I can say that this role and this company feel very close to my interests, my professional ambitions and I am very happy to have been selected for an interview”.

What needs to be done. what can not

However, it is clear that we should avoid canned or impersonal responses that give the impression that you really don’t have much to say.

Answers like “Why am I the best candidate for this job” or “Because I’ve always dreamed of working for a company like this” can, if not driven by precise details, really work for any phrase.

These are “passpartout” responses that are not very useful or interesting to the interviewer.

However, with any response, it is important to capture the attention of your interlocutor to evoke a memory that can set you apart.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Show with facts and experiences why you are unique compared to all other applicants and focus on your added value.
  • Be aware of what you are saying and why it might be important to the company;
  • Show off your skills with some confidence and fake with personal and precise examples.
  • You should not exaggerate or brag too much, as this is an attitude that can provoke negative reactions from the interviewer;
  • As already mentioned, you don’t need to list all the points of your course, as this is an aspect that has already been analyzed by the speaker;
  • React quickly, drop the subject quickly

importance of preparation

In order to answer these and many other questions during an interview, good preparation is essential. Therefore, it is necessary to study:

Job offer: You should carefully read what the employer is asking, what skills are required for this job and focus on these aspects when preparing your response;

The company itself: What values does the company uphold and emphasize? In which industries do you work? What professionalism is required for this?

Your resume and memories: It is important to carefully analyze your resume and select some experiences that may be useful to showcase your knowledge.

But be careful: you should only choose those that are most useful for the company you are proposing.

These are aspects that you should always know, but which also become important when you have to answer the question “Why should we hire him?” in the interview.

Right strategy:

So you can use several strategies to answer this question. For example, you can decide:

Address the positive aspects of your experience that are also useful for the company

For example, “Because I’m very well prepared to deal with moments of sudden difficulty like I did back then… and I think that for a company like yours that operates in areas of high volatility, that can be fundamental.” does… ” .

Or: “I worked for many years in a team of 15 people, an experience that allowed me to grow professionally and personally.

And I believe that this skill is very useful for this job, which can often involve conflicts with several people within the company.

shows you an expert in the company’s business area
increase sales for this company as well.” , which deals with an area that I have studied thoroughly “.

So you should also try to understand the interviewer:

For example, if you believe that you are highly qualified for the position, you can focus the dialogue on the fact that you still want to further educate yourself for this role.

Or, conversely, if you feel like he’s focusing on the “holes” in your training, you can emphasize soft skills, skills you’ve developed in your professional career anyway.

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