Where are they Situated

When we think of the perfect vacation, we often think of long white sand beaches surrounded by crystal clear blue seas. Without knowing it we really think of Maldives!

Where are they Situated

It is a true earthly paradise, the subject of desire of many in the world. Here you can enjoy complete relaxation immersed in a symbolic and evocative setting.

While on vacation in Maldives, you can explore the seaside and towns, bathe in the sparkling waters and live a daydream. Maldives.

Where are they and what to see If you want to know and discover the best places and special destinations of this wonderful country, read on and get ready to visit with us!

Where are Maldives

The Maldives is made up of 26 atolls, each divided into a number of spectacular coral islands in the Indian Ocean. They are located in the south-west of Sri Lanka and in the south of India.

Where are Maldives

The traditions of these two countries have greatly influenced the part of the culture of this country especially from the culinary point of view, but the eclectic personality of Maldives is absolutely unique and will surprise you in no time.

Culture and Nature

Male, the capital, is a beautiful city to immerse yourself in the daily life of the Maldives. Here you will find tall buildings and beautiful views, but also important buildings such as the National Museum.

The Grand Mosque and Sultan Park: The historical beauties you must visit! During a scenic walk, you’ll discover distinctive beauties like craft shops or unique antique markets.

Of course, the nature of the region is worth an in-depth visit, and not just because of the beautiful beaches: the depth of the Maldives is absolutely phenomenal!

Their exceptional biodiversity is the highlight of the place with over a thousand species of marine life, including beautiful turtles and peaceful.

Whale sharks helping to create a unique ecosystem. The water is clear and definitely ideal for divers and will give you unforgettable feelings!

Culinary Traditions

You can taste delicious traditional dishes during your stay in the countryside. Maldivian culture has been heavily influenced by neighboring countries.

Such as Malaysia, India and Sri Lanka, which explains the strong presence of ingredients such as curries. Among the typical Maldivian cuisine.

There are many dishes based on onions, coconut and tuna, often served with rice. As mentioned earlier, curry is a widely used condiment in most dishes.

Such as Geri Riha or Kandumahu Musanma: The latter are savory buns made of fish, coconut and curry, which are specially wrapped in leaves. . Palm trees. Delicious and spicy, the traditional Maldivian cuisine will be a delicious find.

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