IPC Section 498 (What is IPC section 498)

IPC Section 498. What is section 498 according to Indian penal court?

This law protects women from cruelty by their in-laws’ in-laws, in patriarchal India this law was long needed, but after two and a half decades of independence it was incorporated into the penal code.

The Indian Penal Code has been criticized by many experts for its flaws and slow pace of reform.

In Indian society, women have been subjected to crime since ancient times, and domestic violence has also become very high there due to the societal mentality of considering the man as the master and the woman as the slave.

Domestic violence means:

What do you understand by domestic violence? Domestic violence is violence committed by someone in the victim’s domestic circle.

This includes partners and ex-partners, immediate family members, other relatives and family friends. The term ‘domestic violence’ is used when there is a close relationship between the offender and the victim.

Crime committed:

Cruelty to a woman by her husband or relative of her husband.

Punishment to be received:

The person wo did this crime can be given 3 years of imprisonment or fine or in some case both.

Such crimes are not considered to be very serious crimes, but doing so is a crime by law, so such crimes should not be encouraged. By doing Domestic violence you harm others respect mentally or physically that is a serious crime under Indian penal court

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