About Educating Roversi

My name is Becky, I’m 32 and I live in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. I am a wife to one and a mum to one. We also have a moody cat called CoCo. My husband, Ric, and I married in August 2013 after four  years together and our gorgeous son, Lucas, arrived on my 30th birthday in June 2014.

I began this blog in early 2015 when I was missing doing something for me, having previously been working as a drama teacher at a secondary school. It began with posts about being a mummy to our son, affectionately known as Mini R or Little L on the blog, and has developed into posts about days out, home improvement, teaching and our weekly antics on top of the wonderful world of Motherhood. (If you call repeating yourself, wiping up sick/snot/poo all the time and generally being dictated to by a small person, wonderful!)

Me and the hubby scrub up okay :)  IMG_3722  IMG_5243  IMG_5121

I’m not sure where this blog will lead me but, right now, I’m enjoying doing something a little creative and it gives me a chance to relax, connect with others and offers me support in the mental world of parenthood. Since blogging, one thing I have found is that the blogging community is a friendly one and, as my followers increase, I feel humbled that people are reading and commenting on things that I have written.

I’m lucky enough to have been featured on a couple of other blogs too! Check them out here:

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Mumma Scribbles – Working Mums

To see more of my life and thoughts, head over to my Facebook page and hit ‘like’, hop over to Twitter and press ‘follow’, or find my pictures on Instagram  it’d be greatly appreciated!


Have a great day and thank you for visiting my little space on the World Wide Web.

Lots of Love, Becky xxx

2 Responses to About Educating Roversi

  1. Great to have your son be your birthday gift. My husband was born on the same day as his dad too. Cheers, kid can doodle

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