IPC SECTION 341 (What is Section 341)

What is section 341. What is IPC section 341. The decoration to be found in it.

wrongfully restraining a person. Do not stop by holding hands or do not stop by saying abusive words.

Whoever wrongfully restrains another person, whether by holding hands or by abusing such person, legal action can also be taken for such person, in which the guilty shall be punished with imprisonment of 1 month or fine ranging from 500 to 1000 It is true that it is determined on the mistake made by that person.

Crime committed:

To stop someone from speaking wrongly or in a wrong way.

Punishment to be received:

Such an offender can be imprisoned for 1 month or fined from 500 to 1000.

Such crimes are not considered to be very serious crimes, but doing so is a crime by law, so such crimes should not be encouraged.

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