Why is earth called the living planet

Earth, a living planet

Formed about 4.54 billion years ago, Earth is covered by salt water about 71% by oceans – the remaining 29% correspond to land areas: islands and continents.

Also known as the Blue Planet, it is the largest and most massive of the terrestrial planets in the Solar System – in contrast to the ‘gaseous’ planets. Water, heat, and oxygen:

Life originated less than a billion years ago – life protected from the sun’s radiation thanks to the ozone layer.

Earth is the only planet known to harbor this life for its inhabitants, which has evolved and diversified over the course of evolution. In about five billion years, it has known different geological times.

Living and composed of a complex structure, it continues to move and deform.

Earth is also called a “living planet” because of it’s characteristics-

• It is home to all forms of life such as plants, animals and humans due to its proper location relative to the Sun.

Temperature range and variation are also feasible to support life systems on Earth.

Atmosphere and life-giving gases such as oxygen and its availability are also of vital importance on Earth.

• The importance of the “water cycle”, which helps bring rain and change the seasons, plays a very important role in the existence of various forms of life on Earth.

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