What do Computer Engineers Do

What do Computer Engineers Do?

The IT industry is booming: those who study computer science have excellent future prospects in the age of digitization.

Here you can find out what you need to bring with you for a career as a computer scientist or IT specialist, what jobs you can expect to do, and the future prospects you have with a computer science degree.

Definition: This is what a (expert) computer scientist does

The job description of a computer scientist is very diverse, so you can choose different paths after your computer science studies.

As a rule, however, you are already specializing in a subject area in your bachelor’s or master’s degree that will serve as the foundation for your future IT job.

Basically, computer scientists are concerned with the development of programs, software and system solutions.

You don’t work in the basement, as some perverse sitcoms suggest, but as a computer scientist you usually have a lot of customer contact, for example when you work as a computer consultant.

What does a computer scientist do?

At the latest in the workplace, you will work as an IT specialist in an area of interest. You can build a career as a young IT professional in these areas:

  • software development
  • system president
  • lymph
  • corporate IT
  • hardware development
  • web development
  • mobile development
  • IT specialist as an official term.

According to the official designation, the term IT specialist actually means a training occupation, but it also refers to a computer scientist with a specific subject, who may also have studied.

Whether you’re studying or training, it affects your salary at first, but as an IT specialist with a lot of hands-on experience and passion, you can make it back over the years.

  • IT and development employers.
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  • Requirements for a career as a computer scientist.
  • There are many avenues for a career in IT:

Classic is a computer science degree, which you can complete with a bachelor’s or master’s degree, but corporate computer science, mathematicians, or money changers are also welcome.

If a master’s degree is required for a computer scientist you may not meet all levels, but you can often achieve higher scores with extensive hands-on experience.

You can also start your career as an IT specialist with an apprenticeship, for example as an IT specialist.
For each degree it is necessary to have an excellent command of English.

Important specialist knowledge for computer scientists.

It goes without saying that as a computer scientist – whether you are a SAP expert, a mobile developer or a hardware developer – you should have a great interest .

In computers and a basic technical knowledge that should already keep you up to date with the latest trends.

IT industry during your studies, whether in the field of big data, Industry 4.0 or the Internet of Things.

As a corporate IT specialist or IT employee, you must also have solid business or business knowledge. Ideally, if you are involved in application development.

For example, you already have experience in programming languages such as Java or PHP.

It goes without saying that you are familiar with HTML. If you want to set foot in SAP Consulting, it is vital that you can confidently answer the question what is SAP ERP.

Important transversal skills.

In addition, companies, especially when it comes to working with customers, but also within the company, are placing more emphasis on soft skills, including IT specialists. It also includes:

communication skills and knowledge of human nature

  • team spirit
  • organization skills
  • sense of responsibility
  • quick understanding and a lot of patience
  • Flexibility
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  • Research
  • Professional Profile IT Specialist: This is your job.

As a computer scientist, you can take a variety of paths. Your duties are accordingly varied.

While you do a lot on your own as an application development program, your day-to-day systems administration work is more about ensuring that IT runs smoothly in a business.

These are the typical tasks of computer scientists:

  • Front and back end development with common programming languages
  • Support and maintenance of information and telecommunication systems and networks
  • IT architecture design
  • IT consulting: development of software solutions for customers
  • lymph development
  • IT support
  • mobile development
  • production of technical documents
  • Data analysis, administration and development
  • Shaping the digital transformation of companies
  • You can start your career as an IT specialist in a variety of industries, from the automotive industry to finance.

till the shipping. You can also find space with pure IT service providers or start-ups in the media industry. IT consultants or business IT specialists pursue a career in management consulting. Industry has a significant impact on your salary as an IT specialist – it’s fair to compare here.

where do you want to work

  • Software Development
  • Business IT
  • Web Development
  • System Administration
  • database
  • Hardware Development
  • Mobile Development

Career opportunities as a computer scientist.

Basically, your career opportunities in IT are great:

IT specialists are sought after in all industries. In this way you can also climb the career ladder quickly, for example from junior developer to senior developer and finally to IT manager of a company.

You can do project management within individual career stages. It is essential that you always be up to date: almost no other professional field is characterized by such rapid growth as IT.

Continuous training, passion and a desire to always be up to date mean that your value in the job market increases and you have a real chance to go from IT specialist to IT manager.

If you want to succeed in an executive position as an IT manager, you need these skills as an IT specialist:

  • Humane and Authentic Leadership Skills
  • want to change
  • strategic thinking skills
  • perseverance
  • driving force
  • time management
  • Application guide for IT experts.
  • Here you will find relevant information to start a successful career in the IT industry.

If you want to become your own boss as a computer scientist, then you can also start your own business.

Companies large and small prefer to work with freelancers because they promise flexibility, expert knowledge, and innovative power – and it’s cheaper for them than hiring permanent employees.

If you want to become an independent IT specialist, you definitely need to…

Analyze the market.
Preparation of a business plan.
Build a financial foundation.
Establishment of legal framework.
Create a professional homepage that includes search engine optimization.
Register as a self-employed individual with the tax office.

Is Self-Employment Too Dangerous for You?

That doesn’t mean you should be inflexible. As a working IT specialist, depending on the company, you can negotiate whether you can work remotely, for example from your home office, in a co-working space or abroad.

Of course, this works best as a web developer, for example as a systems administrator or as an IT consultant if the need is on the client’s site.

How much does a computer scientist earn?

The starting salary of a computer scientist is about 45,000 Euros gross, that is about 3,700 Euros gross per month.

Of course, there can be variations based on a variety of factors, from your degree to the company or city where you work.

Whether you apply in Frankfurt, Berlin, Leipzig, Munich, Hamburg or Stuttgart it can make all the difference.

In Hesse (Frankfurt) or Bavaria (Munich) you earn a little more, ie 47,333 Euros gross on average as a starting salary.

In our article on computer scientist salaries, you can learn more about how educational qualifications and professional experience affect salary and what other factors it depends on.

Career and training as a computer scientist

As a computer scientist, you don’t have to worry about work.

Nowadays there is a desperate need for software developers. But other jobs in IT are more important than ever, as digitization means that experts are needed in almost every industry.

Computer scientists often start out as developers and then become experts. Depending on your professional experience, you can become a Project Manager or an IT Manager.

Continuing education is essential for a computer scientist. New developments are constantly occurring in the market, such as new technologies and software solutions.

So you must always be up to date for a computer scientist to be successful. You can further educate yourself through independent learning or through online courses and training.

Apply as a computer scientist

Computer scientists are wanted in many industries, so finding a job is not a problem. It is important to document your previous knowledge and experience in your application.

You can also include certificates for online courses in your application. This shows that you are motivated to learn and that you have already gained experience in certain areas.

The IT sector is booming and the number of jobs is constantly increasing. Hence the work as a computer scientist is popular with many students.

Computer scientists can do various jobs: from software development to IT project management, there are many job opportunities.
To be successful as a computer scientist, you need some technical understanding, a great desire to learn, and the ability to work as a team.
Also as a career change:

You can get a job in the IT industry through additional training and hands-on experience.

Did the job appeal to you and can you imagine working as a computer scientist?

Then apply quickly and easily for interesting internships, student apprenticeship jobs or entry-level jobs via. When you apply through, you don’t need a cover letter.

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