How to ignore people

5 Keys to Learning to Ignore Those Who Hurt Us

Fortunately, we are all different (on the other hand, how boring life would be if coincidences were universal). Over the course of our lives.

As we expand our circle, we make friends with certain people in spite of differences and coincidences. We will not have the same affinity for others and will remain as acquaintances or companions.

But what happens when differences affect our conscience. According to Spanish psychologist and specialist in educational psychology, Jennifer Delgado Suárez.

how to ignore people

There are people whose ways of being and behaving do not complement our own and close relationships with them can only harm us because their attitudes unbalance us, block us”.

Or stop us”. To identify oneself as a fully human being”.

“There are relationships that give us some positive things that, when we have them in a big way, end up doing more harm than good.

These are toxic relationships that contaminate our lives and eventually infect us with negative emotions. Unfortunately, in most cases these people don’t want to change.

So there’s only one way out: ignore them or learn to ignore some of their perspectives. Because there’s no point in sacrificing our emotional well-being. No, just to maintain a relationship that is hurting us,” Delgado Suarez explains.

Destructive Criticism

Reviews are positive as long as they have a constructive purpose and help us to rectify or improve upon a mistake. However, there are also those.

Who criticize others just to try and harm them. If we are to protect our self-esteem, we must learn to ignore this criticism.

Once you see someone who is too destructive to criticize, stop worrying about what they think of you. After all, their opinions won’t let you grow taller, they will only serve to destabilize you.

Unnecessary Comparison

We all have an innate tendency to compare. In fact, it is one of the basic functions of thought that allows us to draw conclusions.

However, some people use comparisons to manipulate us emotionally. These are the people who are never satisfied and who always compare our decisions, attitudes or behavior to others in order to make us look bad.

Of course, if you know someone who’s always hated on your achievements, learn to be deaf to their opinion.

Unfounded Concerns

We all care, but there are some people who are true professionals when it comes to finding a cause for concern. These are the people who always have a problem for every solution.

Who focus on the negative aspects and always anticipate disaster or misfortune. Of course, we do not need such a person in our life.

It’s not about adopting a nave optimism that won’t get us anywhere, but surrounding ourselves with people who only see negatives.

That will disappoint and discourage us and put us in a position we expect. do not. Therefore, it is better to learn to ignore such predictions.

Unnecessary Uncertainty

“Expert” in everything. They always have something to say and take care that our opinions are minimal so as to make us feel unimportant.

These people create a deep insecurity that undermines our self-esteem and can put us in a state of emotional blockage that prevents us from achieving our dreams.

So try to ignore these kinds of comments and perspectives, especially if they don’t have a deep understanding of the local situation and aren’t there to help you build the project you’re considering.

Wrong Error

There are people who see the space in another’s eye but cannot see the ray in their own eye. These people often use feelings of guilt to manipulate us.

Making us feel so bad that they can enslave us because our moods and decisions are subject to their desires. These are the people who keep on complaining and are never satisfied.

Obviously, it’s important to learn to ignore these attempts to feel guilty so as not to fall into their trap.

To be happy you have to learn to ignore a lot of people

Sometimes moving away from people in need is not just a matter of comfort, but also a matter of mental health. There are attitudes that unbalance us.

So much that they block us and prevent us from flourishing, and subject our emotional well-being to its whims.

We all know very well that our relationships don’t always bring us something positive, even when we really hope to do so. Even when we know about it, it’s not hard to see that we are fostering a toxic exchange.

Happy people

In other words, we find something “stupid” and contradictory, but still we cannot escape reality. Sacrificing one’s own well-being for the sake of others is the order of the day for each of us.

So we are faced with the sad panorama of being in unhealthy relationships with people who express neither honesty nor good feelings.

That is, sharing full of interest and selfishness. So, in order to be tall, we have to learn to ignore certain people at certain times.

There are many situations in which it is convenient to deceive our absence. Usually we can easily see what is bothering us, but sometimes it can take a while.

Knowing them helps us become aware of reality and can also help us anticipate these problems so that we can prevent them from causing more harm than inevitable. However, let’s take a closer look at what we should learn to ignore.

Criticism of others

No one can influence us without our consent. In other words, we validate the opinions of others. We shouldn’t care what others think of our decisions, because we are just as likely to make mistakes as they are.

Create Insecurity

There are people who think they are experts in everything in life. These are eliminated consciously or unconsciously and create insecurities and minor disappointments in the environment.

Try to ignore these types of attitudes as they will only lead to frustration.

Worrying about what we can’t control

If we worry about how this person will behave, what they will do or say, then something is wrong. That said, people do not intentionally harm and should not keep us in suspense.

whether they respect us or not. In this case, it is better to stay away from that person, it will not do you any good.

Obsessive Confrontation

It’s great that people are successful and successful, but it’s not that others feel small. There is no one more despised than those who use their successes to despise others.

Interests and Interests

Not everyone will help you if they feel like they are doing it. He begins to shut down reality and analyzes how the scales are still tilting.

If there is balance, it means that there is harmony in your relationship; Conversely, if it isn’t, then something is wrong.

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