The Restaurant Managers Wife

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Those who know me or read my blog regularly (not that I’m sure anyone does that!) will know that my husband is a restaurant manager. His dad owns Ciao Bella Restaurant (shameless plug!) in Leeds which he runs with him, five days a week, from 9:30am to close. In short, it basically means that I rarely see him but we both have got used to this and actually don’t mind it as it gives us both our independence. We joke that despite being together for eight years, we have probably only spent about three actually in each others company and, although it can be difficult at times, it does mean that we cherish the time we do get together as a family.  Continue reading

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Review: Chaos and Cushions

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One thing I find difficult about having a baby is dressing them. Literally, in the sense of getting those wriggly legs and arms in the correct holes but also how many layers and what to dress them in! My son was a summer baby and spent the first few months of his life in not much more than a vest or short sleeved/legged onesie. My daughter is a winter baby and it’s been a pain having to dress her…plus snowsuits – how annoying are they?! Continue reading

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Holy Crêpe!

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Happy Pancake Day! 

On the first of February I posted on my Instagram a picture that said:

“Hello February! Month of the Valentine…sod that, month of Pancake Day!”

Seriously, to me Valentines is for card companies to make money but Pancake Day is one of my favourites. Firstly, it involves food which is always a winner but secondly it brings back lovely memories from my childhood. Continue reading

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Blogger Tag – 100 Truths


I suppose I’ll have to tell you the true story of how I came to complete this Blogger Tag, given that the title is “100 Truths”. Every now and then, I like doing a tagged post. In the past i have done the Christmas Tag, the Daddy Tag and the Rocking Motherhood tag but to name a few so when I came across this one, I saved it in my iPhone notes to do at a later date because I like doing them. I think they are a good way of getting to know a blogger and I enjoy reading others too. The only problem was I hadn’t been tagged it in which defeated the point. Luckily I was Kerry from Blissful Domestication post in the #KCACOLS linky Facebook group and ask if anyone was interested in being tagged. People had replied so I thought I had missed my chance, I commented anyway and the lovely lady offered to tagged me in it too. It’s a sad story isn’t it? Sad as in, you feel sorry for me and how pathetic it is rather than sad – boo hoo. Continue reading

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A Month With Spud

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Four weeks today, Spud (nicknamed due to her potato shaped head) shot into the world (you can read the birth story here) and, as expected, it’s flown by in a whirlwind of feeding, nappies and trying to navigate the world with two children. Continue reading

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A “First” I’d Rather Forget.

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Saturday was my first day riding solo with two children. In addition to this we were having a dishwasher fitted (my life is changed for the better) and the house was a dust ball, covered in kitchen equipment, tools etc so I got us all dressed and we went to the local soft play for a few hours.

There are two things I will remember from this day:

  1. Once again my Mum is a complete legend and came to my house to help me clean up the mess, post dishwasher fitting. Thanks to Little Miss S not wanting to be put down, she ended up pretty much doing it on her own. I’m forever thankful for her help and awesome cleaning skills.
  2. An incident in soft play which, even in the afternoon, is haunting me.

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Pregnancy Diaries – The Birth of Baby Girl


My first birth story was a funny tale, punctuated with comedy moments from my Mum and ending with a beautiful baby boy.

This one isn’t as funny, but it was a positive experience and ended with a beautiful baby girl.

Continue reading

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