Wonderful Wakefield

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Apart from four years when I resided in Huddersfield studying for my degree, Wakefield in West Yorkshire has been my home. Known to Shakey Wakey by lots, it has its fair share of dodgy areas but what city doesn’t?! I grew up in the “everyone knows everyone” village of Wrenthorpe, where we live as a family of four now, where I felt safe walking around with my friends at night, aged fifteen and where I now take my son to play in the park, aged thirty three. Continue reading

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Review: The Milky Tee Company


As my blog develops I’m looking forward to opportunities working with brands however it’s important to me that I’m plugging things that are appropriate to me, my audience and Educating Roversi as a blog.

Currently I’m exclusively breastfeeding my daughter, who was born in December 2017, so when I saw t-shirts made by The Milky Tee Company and decided to email and see if they fancied a collaboration. I was super excited to get a response from the founder, Lauren, only a few days later Continue reading

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Marvellous Me Box


At my son’s pre-school they have a little activity called “Marvellous Me’ box. The idea is that the child takes a plastic box home with him/her and fills it with things that are special to them before bringing it back to school where they are then encouraged to talk about what they have put in it to a small group. Continue reading

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Three Months with Spud

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Three months, almost 13 weeks in the world. Christmas seems like a lifetime ago yet when you say “three months” it doesn’t sound like long at all. I know a lot of people say it but it’s hard to imagine life without her.  Continue reading

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My Mum Is A Superhero

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Today is the day that we celebrate the amazing, super human species known as the Mother. Since becoming a mother myself, nearly four years ago, I have a different view of Mother’s Day to previous years and I know how bloody hard being a parent can be.

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Mother’s Day Wish List

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Mother’s Day is a week away (you’re welcome for the reminder) and, as it falls the weekend of my husband’s birthday, we will be spending it in lovely Whitby! We don’t spend a lot on Mother/Father’s Day, I’d be more than happy with a picture drawn by my son and a nice card but, on the basis that I like to blog, I thought I’d put a little list together of things that would make me smile on Mother’s Day...you never know, my husband might actually read it and produce the goods! Ha ha! Continue reading

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Family Day Out: William’s Den

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One evening I was scanning Instagram, when the kids were in bed,  and came across some pictures from a lovely lady who did my wedding hair. She has a daughter just slightly younger than our son and they had visited a place with mudpies, tree houses, waterfalls, swings, climbing ropes and much more. “Where is this?!” I commented.

The place was “William’s Den“. 

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