IPC Section 493 in English ( What is Section 493)

IPC SECTION 493 IN English

Makes a relationship with any woman by promising a lawful marriage by a man and later cheats on the woman.

If a man promises a woman a lawful marriage and has a relationship with her or cheats in any way, that woman has to face mental torture.

Doing so is a legal offense, then such person will be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 10 years, it is a serious crime which is polluting our society.

Offense committed:

If a man has promised to marry a woman lawfully and during this promise that person makes a relationship with that woman and later on that person cheats that woman.

Punishment to be received:

In such a situation, the punishment to be given is 10 years and payment of fine.

It is difficult to get bail in such a crime, our law gives strict punishment for such crime.

Such offenses are not forgivable.

My name is Vivek Singh (Advocate).

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