What is IPC SECTION 409 (Section 409)

What is section 409 IPC SECTION 409 IN HINDI The punishment to be found in it.

If a person commits a criminal abuse of trust, it is a legal fine.

Any person who is a businessman or a government employee, the people working under him or the trustworthy people, if such people break the trust and misuse the property, whoever it is.

For example, bank employees, business people, or any broker etc.

Any person who deceives or deceives his master is an offense punishable by law which is neither pardonable nor compoundable, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to seven years. may also go and may also have to pay financial penalty.

Crime committed:

If any person who deceives or deceives his master is a legal offense which is not forgivable or compoundable.

Punishment to be given:

The punishment given in this is 7 years and which can be extended, in such mistakes, only financial penalty may have to be paid.

Such crimes are not forgivable, our society should strongly condemn it.

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