Importance of first impressions

On more than one occasion you have heard how important it is to make a good impression. Our initial impression on others will determine the image they will have on us. However, first impressions can also lead to misunderstandings.

How many times have you seen the first impression of someone who did not correspond to reality? You should never rely solely on first impressions, as we usually rely on small elements to form the image of the interlocutor. Don’t forget that we don’t know this person and they can still surprise us.

First impression

It is very important to have a positive or negative view of the person in front of you. How he walks, how he talks or how he gestures, all these are signs of his personality. It allows us to adopt different positions, from approval to disapproval, passing through indifference.

This initial thinking about someone has a lot to do with prejudice. This is precisely what causes the most problems, because then we confirm that first impression we made.

confused minded man
Usually this situation happens with people we don’t know, but they have spoken to us. Even though we refuse to admit it, we already have an image of those people based on the opinions of others. In this case, it is very important that you do not get carried away and try to voice your opinion.

As you can see, the big problem with first impressions and prejudice is that we tend to be quick and quick thinking about someone we don’t know. If this is the problem, why don’t we fix it? Why don’t we show ourselves to be more patient before making a mistake about a person? Because we are air conditioned.

Our first impressions are always associated with prejudices we hear from others about the person we are in front of or because we have prejudices in our minds that blind us to the first meeting. Some examples might be: “All white men are idiots”, “The man with the feminism is gay”.

The speed of a first impression on a person is such that in less than a breath, we “get” a lot of information about that person. What if we give ourselves a little more time before forming an opinion on the matter? patience is a virtue.

first impression mistake

No one seems to be getting rid of people’s first impressions. This mechanism, which is activated automatically, is the reason for many of the mistakes we make in judging someone.

If we haven’t learned to be so hasty in our decisions yet, it’s probably because we’ve never really found ourselves in an unfair position because of a wrong first impression. For this reason, we give you the opportunity to watch a video that clearly shows how big a mistake we make in judging a person in a hurry:

In the video we see Corinne Sutter, an artist who appears on a talent show. She begins to draw on a canvas, while Judson has an angry expression on her face. It seems they don’t like the artist’s subject, so, one at a time, they hit the red button to end his performance.

Of course the drawing looks strange at first, but with a little patience comes the curiosity to know what it will look like once completed. The jury members did not allow the artist this time, they did not wait … and they did not know that Korin would leave them speechless.

This video is a clear example of how a first impression isn’t always perfect and how reality can give us a slap in the face. Viewers appreciate Corinne’s work, but we don’t know whether her tears are of complacency or helplessness.

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