Why is it yellow outside

Yellow/Orange Sky During a Storm: Why and What’s Happening?

Why does the sky turn yellow/orange during and/or after a thunderstorm?

Experts explain how the sun’s rays behave and what happens when they hit desert sands – particles from the Sahara that float in the troposphere.

In short, not an apocalypse, but a fascinating phenomenon to “merely”

The thunderstorm ends and the cloudy sky turns from white/grey to yellow/orange, what’s up? This is not because of the apocalypse, but because of the “optical” effect of the sun’s rays.

Let’s take a closer look at why the sky turns yellow/orange during and after a thunderstorm and what to be concerned about.

All the blame. A hypothesis from a few years ago is from the Lombard Meteorological Center, which describes how to make the sky yellow/orange at the end of the “desert sand”).

Scientific reason

In practice, the “sands of the desert” carried by the clouds, or particles of the Sahara that float in the troposphere, collide with the Sun’s rays, which later illuminate it and in some cases give the sky a yellow/orange hue.

Event at sunset. This phenomenon is particularly evident around sunset, after which the sky resumes its characteristic twilight tones.

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