Why do you Want to join Our Company

How should I come back Why do you demand to join our company??”

I recently applied for a position at another company and they called me for an interview. It is one of the best companies in the country (it can even be considered the best in the world).

And has a lot more facilities and a very good salary than any other company.

The technology they are working on is also very different from the technology I am working on now. I get a good salary for my current job, but I always want to apply for this company.

How should I answer “Why befit you demand to approach to us?

I could say I’m interested in your technology, but then they’ll ask me why I didn’t choose it because my research thesis project (like my current one) thesis project is in a different technology.

I am interested in learning their techniques but am confused on how to answer this question.

limited growth in my current/ old position”*, *”I want to broaden my knowledge and chops”* and *”I heard you’re one of the stylish companies to work for that country” Phrase variations like * all come to think.

It doesn’t seem like the only reason for $$$$ is if you want to learn their techniques too. It also seems like you’ve always wanted to join the company.

which probably means you have reasons to join the company?

If they start arguing with you about your thesis, you have already lost. If you want you will have it. Are you thinking about it. Relax and give them the answer which the want to hear by their ears some soothing answers.

Whenever I hear someone say they want to join a company for pay and benefits, it seems like someone sees themselves as an overload rather than a contributor.

I saw a presentation showing that this so-called “best company in the world” has an annual turnover per employee of around $ 2 million, so it’s likely to be fine even if you don’t do anything.

Still, it’s cool enough that you’ll probably do well.

Hey, why the elections and close elections?

Can anyone explain to me why it is bad to mention that you join because of the salary? Or why the current job doesn’t pay well? @meredithpoor what do you mean by “sees himself as an overload rather than a contributor”?

@alaa – Imagine hiring a babysitter. You will receive three emails from potential clients: 1. “I have been taking care of children for years, I always do and I am good” or 3.

“The kiddies are accordingly crafty, I appreciate sporting with them, we’ve little experiences in the vicinity’ And I’ve dangled balloons and dresses and I tell tales and game.

‘1’ focuses on ‘I’, 2. is’ this is what I do for a living ‘and 3.’ I’m here to cater to your wishes and needs. ”Which one do you hire?

Nice example. I always forget to “put myself in their place” and really listen to me. And of course I will take babysitter number 3 … although I would be a little worried about these.

Provides reasons other than paying

@AlaaAli an interview is sometimes a little game, they know you do it for the money, they know you do it for the money … you decide every time you need a professional.

Because something went wrong. And after decades of interviews, I don’t completely trust people who go out of their way to my wishes, this is how scammers work!

Try to find out some other things about the company that should be mentioned so that only the salary is mentioned. Salary / results may be the deciding factor, but I’m sure.

Think they are one of the best companies in the country. Mention it when questions arise. A little bit of honest flattery doesn’t hurt, like.

“I hear you’re one of the best companies in the country and I love being part of your team.” It is not necessary to specifically mention the salary / benefits.

Company product

Are you interested in the product? Can you praise him or inspire him? There are many broad categories a product can fall into that will overlap with your interests.

For instance

I think [educational | Health | Finance | etc.] the system in the country must work and I look forward to participating in its improvement

I think this [product | service | etc] will be a huge success and I can’t wait to be part of the team that is working on it

What’s the real job like? There is definitely something to worry about. you said you’re working with a different technology so you can do stuff like that

quote. I am very interested in Technology X and I want to have the opportunity to work with
I want to focus my skills on area X


I don’t really think it’s a bad idea to include it when it’s something that has already been mentioned, although it might raise a red flag if that’s the only thing you can think of.

Most companies know if they are generous with salaries and benefits and often love to be appreciated for them.

I usually try to shed some light on the problem, eg. B “Of course, his generous wages and benefits package is also very attractive.”

But in short, try to show some enthusiasm for the prospect of being hired by them. It indicates that you want to work exclusively for them.

And there is a high chance that you are actually working hard for them and not just to get the salaries shown.

The reason you left your old company is fine to mention salary / benefits here, but try to include a few other things. For example, what are your hours? travel time?

You don’t want to talk badly about your former company, but there are usually several things you can objectively mention that your company’s business model or interests no longer align with yours.

And make sure you choose points that aren’t in the company you’re applying for (e.g. don’t mention travel times if company travel times are similar or longer!).

I think it’s great to be open about wanting good pay and good performance too, because it shows the OP is honest.

Who doesn’t want better conditions?

If you don’t have an accepted offer, you don’t really know what the payout is; It’s premature to get him out and an acceptable salary is supposed to be paid – if they can’t, you won’t.

When researching your preferences as a candidate, it is best not to mention money for a new business in this regard, although.

I think it is worth including as one of the reasons for leaving the previous employer, if it is below the level of market but frames why the lack of ways of growth and progress would be even better.

Keep up with technology and a strong company. You’ve always wanted to work for them, proving they’ve been around for a while.

Often the topic of a thesis can be determined by your specialist knowledge, built on the specialist knowledge of your professors.

You need people on your committee who understand what you are going through. In rare cases, the thesis leads to radical discoveries.

You want to expand and expand your skills. It’s not just about putting technology above others. I’ve seen Windows users switch to Macs just for a new challenge.

I don’t think they’ll ask you why you didn’t settle for a particular search problem, etc. However, you will be asked why you would like to leave your current company.

Many people change jobs every day for a variety of reasons. I guess it’s okay if you say you are on their technology.

Paying or performing poorly?

Is interested and wants to be part of this company. It is better to focus on your career goals, technology, etc. rather than your advantage.

It is best to avoid the topic of benefits at the beginning of the interview process or, if necessary, keep it at the end. Also, it’s okay to pursue a career in a field other than your “thesis problem”.

There is nothing wrong with that. We are human and our tastes / opinions change over time. 🙂 This means that “at least” you should know why you want to quit your current job (the exact reason). much luck.

Not all PhD students can research everything they want. You should be able to form a committee of people who know something about your work.

You chose a technique that you were familiar with at the time. happens. A thesis is more a learning experience for the student than a groundbreaking research.

They think it’s one of the best companies to use for several reasons. It is quite reassuring. When I try to woo someone from another company, I don’t mind the fact that higher pay is a determining factor.

Personally, I’m tired of people being treated like aliens because they want to make more money. If I quit a job that pays 40,000 that pays 100,000, your ass money must have something to do with it.

While this is more of a comment than an answer, I gave it a +1 for the phrasing * I’m tired of being treated like a pariah for people who want to make more money.

If I quit a job that pays 40,000 that pays 100,000, your ass money must have something to do with it.

Possibility of increasing your career salary

If you move to a job that pays twice as much, you are likely to move into a highly responsible position that requires a high level of skill and competence.

When that happens, you are well on your way to a better challenge, a better opportunity for growth and advancement.

Your former company’s inability to find a suitable position for you is just that: an inability to find the right role, one that fits your skill level.

Salary is only part of what comes with it. So, yeah, if you consider it a strict $$$, you miss the boat.

Since salary increases, bonuses, and future job opportunities are typically a percentage of your current earnings, it doesn’t take long for the effects of compounding to translate into a significant increase.

The reason I join a company is because they have a job available that pays pretty well, which sounds pretty cool. You don’t have a reputation for mistreating employees..

This isn’t the company. You do nothing that you morally disagree with and have a business for the future. Hopefully, you are ready to join a company.

When you go to an interview, pay close attention to everything you see, listen to what others are saying and that makes them more or less attractive to you.

In terms of interesting technologies, there are technologies 100 times more interesting than what I can learn.

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