What is Latency?

Those of us who haven’t made a speed test of their home or mobile Internet connection at least formerly to get a clearer idea of the performance and speed of their service indeed on Compara Semplice.

It, as numerous of you know, it’s possible to check Internet speed through a free tool that will give you a series of useful information to understand.

If your connection to the Internet is suitable for the most common uses ( similar as streaming videotape in high description, harkening to streaming music, use of online gaming, etc.).

But this time we want to talk about a not always clear aspect of a speed test what’s Latency?

What’s connection” Latency “and” ping”

When connection Latency matters
Optimal ping value

Can reverberating be bettered?

Changing drivers then is how to find the stylish bones
What’s the” Latency” of the connection and the” ping “

According to what’s written in the digital encyclopedia of Wikipedia, the Latency of a system” is the time interval between the moment in which the input arrives to the system

The moment in which its affair is available”, that’s the speed response of a system. How do we know what’s the Latency of a connection?

Generally each speed test has, in addition to the download and upload value, also the “ ping ” item, expressed in milliseconds (m s) that is the Latency.

In reality, although now used as antonyms, Latency and ping relate to two different effects the first enterprises the time interval in which the data transfer is completed.

While the alternate refers to the dimension of the forenamed interval.

So far, still, we’ve concentrated on the bare explanation of the term is it possible, still, to understand what Latency is without inescapably entering the advanced technician?

When we talk about Internet connection, just suppose of the time it takes for information (data) to reach a computer or garçon external to ours and the response of the ultimate.

We can thus speak of the “ reactivity” of a network the lower the ping value, the more reactive a network is and has a lower Latency. An Internet connection could.

For illustration, have a advanced speed than another but also a advanced Latency (a high ping ) the quality of the service, thus, isn’t veritably high, especially for some uses of the data network.

When connection Latency matters

Still, in fact, using the Internet to suds, If.) and over all the online gaming ( videotape games that use the Internet) need optimal connection Latency.

Optimal ping value

As we’ve said, an optimal ping value is the smallest possible in general, a value ranging from 0 to 50 ms after performing a speed test is to be considered optimal.

The Latency of the connection in these cases is ideal for services that bear shorter response times.

However, on the other hand, the ping exceeds 50 m s, If. In proposition, a connection of at least sufficient quality should have a ping of at least 60-80 m s else, it would be useful to communicate your provider.

It would also be useful to communicate backing indeed when the Latency is shifting and doesn’t have stable values, with peaks and falls during tests.

Can reverberating be bettered?

In short, we’ve seen what Internet Latency is and how it’s possible to interpret the ping value of a speed test but can it be bettered? When we dealt with the ping of the ADSL line.

We tried to answer this question, taking into account special software or procedures on the operating system files to make the connection more responsive.

In reality, as we had formerly explained on that occasion, it isn’t possible to ameliorate this aspect of the data connection if the problem is at the origin, that’s to the Internet service that the driver is furnishing us with.

This is why it’s important to communicate the driver’s client support if the ping value is inadequate and you have.

Latency problems ( thus detainments in answering) during your gaming sessions or every time you make videotape calls (as long as they’re sporadic cases it could be normal, the problem is if it occurs continuously).

Changing drivers then is how to find the stylish bones

Still, you may consider changing the provider in this case, a service for comparing ADSL rates is available on Compara Semplice, If the driver is unfit to break the problem or the service he’s offering you isn’t satisfactory.

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