What Degree do I need to be a Teacher

Who is the teacher or What Degree do I need to be a Teacher?

We speak of “teacher” and put it in quotation marks for most women who have historically exercised the profession and continue to do so, but of course the title also applies to men.

“La Maestra” is the person who contributes to the preparation and education of children aged 3 to 11 years.

The first delegate we assign to our children, first in kindergarten, which accepts children from 2/3 to 5/6 years, then in elementary school for children from 5/6 to 10/11 years.

The first level of the educational circle is assigned to the teacher and very rarely to the teacher.

The “teacher” of childhood deals with the psychosomatic development of children, which gives play a high value from an educational point of view. He tries to achieve the set goals through playful activities.

The primary school teacher contributes to socialization and initiates the first literacy, which deals with the cognitive and psychological development of children while taking individual differences into account.

It supports the development of our children by helping them develop basic skills in different disciplines: Italian, English, computer science, math, science and.

Above all, teaches the rules of living together by promoting the inclusion and integration of all children.

What are the requirements to become a “teacher”?

The qualifications suitable for the training of kindergarten and elementary school teachers for access to the teaching profession are:

Four-year degree in elementary education, specializing in early or elementary school education.

The new single-stage Master’s degree in Elementary Education Science (LM-85bis). The five-year course enables the acquisition of competencies with an enabling value for teaching at two different school levels.

Abitur certificates, which give access to the teaching post of the first educational cycle, are the A.S. 2001-2002:

• Graduate School Diploma with a duration of 4 years,
• Preparatory high school diploma, duration 3 years (only kindergarten)

Experimental way of

• socio-psychological-pedagogical high school diploma,
• Five-year practical master’s degree with a focus on linguistics. (Ministerial Decree of March 10, 1997)

Until 2011 it was possible to enroll in the institute’s third-grade ranking with a master’s degree, since 2014 MIUR has enabled those who obtained a bachelor’s degree within the 2001-2002 school yea.

The examination of the master’s language course on the second level of the state institute ranking, which reliably recognizes the validity of the qualifying degree.

Opportunity to become a kindergarten and elementary school teacher
There are three opportunities in the coming weeks

Simple childhood and elementary competition

Enrollment in the school ranking
Participation in one of the procedures does not exclude the other, you can participate in all 3.

Simple childhood and elementary competition

The announcement expected for the end of February includes a possible pre-selection test, a written test and an oral test.

The location of the area is not yet known, Minister Azolina estimates that it will be limited to areas with free and available places in the 2020/21 and 2021/22 school years.

From the ranking list of the competitions we only take 50% of the entries into the role (open-ended contract). The other 50% are drawn from the ranking until exhaustion, currently closed for new entries.

Some regions still have valid rankings for the ordinary 2016 and the exceptional 2018 competition.

Everything about normal childhood and elementary competition

Institute ranking
In the spring of this year it will be possible to make new entries in the second tape ranking of the state schools.

Starting this year, the second and third grade school rankings will be provincial, so all schools in the selected state will be able to apply for the annual option.

As well as the ability to appoint short and occasional substitutes with principal assignments.

It is possible to enroll for primary level after Common Language and English (if there is a qualifying degree or a degree in the language to teach English).

TFA support

Graduates with a degree in the academic year 200/2 and graduates of elementary education can gain further qualifications by attending a one-year specialization.

Course to promote student teachers with disabilities (TFA Specialization Support).

Montessori method

An educational system designed by educator Maria Montessori that is practiced in around 60,000 schools around the world.

You can use the title to register special lists for teaching.

Lessons in independent schools
The degree can also be issued to private schools for permanent employment.

Employment opportunities

Requests for elementary school teachers are numerous, especially in the north, who are appointed and recruited by principals, often because of sold-out ranks or by insane (provided) staff with no special qualifications.

Working hours
Kindergarten teachers do 25 hours of lessons per week with 24 hours of face-to-face teaching and 1 programming.

Elementary school teachers teach 24 hours a week, including 22 lectures and 2 hours of programming per week.

Entrance exam in elementary education
If you did not acquire a master’s degree in kindergarten and elementary school within the academic year 2001/02, a degree in primary education is required.

Access to the course is via the selection. The ministry has not yet announced the date of the examination for the 2020/21 academic year.

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