IPC SECTION 332 IN English (What is Section 332)

IPC SECTION 332 IN English Section 332 What is the punishment in it.

Any act done by way of public service that causes injury or attempt to cause injury to people.

People in the society do a lot of work in the name of public service or some other person gets them to do that work by which these people harass people in the name of public service or obstruct government work by becoming public servants, so that common man or common man.

People are in trouble or there is a danger of injury, such public service has no meaning or importance, it is a serious offense such offenses should not be forgiven, the punishment for such offense is 3 years, which can be extended to 4 years.

Such punishment may also include the payment of a fine, or both may have to be done, it may be determined on the offenders committed.

Crime committed:

If any act done in the name of public service which causes injury or attempt to cause injury to the people.

Punishment to be received:

It is punishable with imprisonment of not less than three years, which may extend to seven years, and shall also be punishable with fine, or with both.

It is difficult to get bail for such offenses and such offenses are irresponsible acts for which there is no pardon.

Such mistakes do not suit a public servant, such mistakes are not worthy of forgiveness

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