IPC SECTION 313 in English ( What is IPC Section 313 )

What is IPC Section 313. What is IPC section 313. Punishment found in it.

Aborting any woman without her consent is considered a crime by law.

Aborting any woman against her will is a serious crime, if it is done under any circumstances, then it comes under a legal offense. Whether the pregnancy is of a married or unmarried one.

If someone aborts her without the consent of that woman, then it will be considered a serious crime, then such a person can be imprisoned for life or a few years and its sentence can also be increased to 10 years. A heinous fine has been imposed.

Crime committed.:

Aborting a woman even if she disagrees is a crime by law.

Punishment to be done:

The punishment for this shall be imprisonment for life or imprisonment for a few years, which may extend to 10 years, and is not eligible for bail.

Bail is not available in such offenses and such offenses are triable by the Court. How to prevent such offenses is a matter of deep concern for a Magistrate.

Sleep in such a way that you should not be forgiven.

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