Introduce yourself professionally

Our guide: here’s how you present yourself to each scenario

How do you best present yourself in different scenarios? We often take ideas lightly. But they are very powerful in building and establishing relationships.

In this article, you will learn why it is important to present yourself in different situations, how you can ignore your ego, and how you can introduce yourself in writing or in an interview.

What should you keep in mind as you introduce yourself?

When introducing yourself, it’s always important to pay attention to the situation and your surroundings. Your typical scenario so far on display is probably:

“Let me introduce myself. My name is John. I love to eat spaetzle while having a beer.”

It’s a real nightmare for a professional meeting, but if you’re at a party or cooking class, you’re sure to break the ice.

The introduction is fun and you get to know the people around you on a personal level. However, such self-perception is only appropriate for certain private situations. Many forget this.

Therefore presented professionally

One thing is clear: a first impression doesn’t have a second chance.

But have you ever stopped to think about this? This article will open your eyes and you will never beg for a second chance again.

Here is an example of a professional presentation:

I deal with software development and hardware diagnostics, maintenance and repair. I’ll show you how I can generate more revenue for your business with the right tools. “

It sounds better; Especially if you are in professional environments.

Relevance plays a big part in all of your ideas – whether it’s writing an email, at a party with like-minded people, or in business meetings.

The following tips will help you with your next professional self-expression:

Suitable for the situation: For example, don’t mention that you are going for a walk with your dog as a leisure activity. If it’s true and you love nature, introduce yourself as an environmentalist.

Define your professional role in detail:

describe the value you bring to yourself and present your skills with examples.
Describe how you would solve the other person’s problems after learning about their weaknesses.


Be prepared with care.

Respect cultural differences: Don’t make fun of any particular skin color, tradition or religion.
Unless you know the other person’s humor, avoid jokes.

Sometimes it is very difficult to break a habit with an answer other than “I am a doctor”. Accept. Get the support of those closest to you.

With them, you discover interesting details about yourself. These posts are really useful because sometimes your friends and family know you better than you understand yourself.

Professional introduction instructions

Be methodical about the introduction and be prepared not to panic. Keep these four steps in mind next time you introduce yourself to a professional setting.

Formulate keywords to introduce yourself that you would use in a professional setting.
Say your performance aloud in advance and make sure you feel comfortable.

Also introduce yourself to your friends and family for the test and check the effect.

Stay true to the facts and adapt your key points to different scenarios, but always be yourself and authentic.
To give you even more help, we will go through the different situations to present below.

Presentation by e-mail

Before you have the opportunity to interview a recruiter in person, you need to effectively introduce yourself via email. Gone are the days of regular mail. Instead, you can communicate quickly and easily via email.

With the starting point “Dear Sir or Madam”, however, you will ruin your introduction. This type of self-presentation is so outdated that at first glance you would be rejected as a candidate.

Remember that an eye-catching display isn’t just a piece of text. This is a complete message. Here are some tips to help you introduce yourself effectively via email:

Make sure you have all the elements of the email. While it may seem obvious, in the heat of the moment, you tend to forget a thing or two. check everything.

The subject line should grab the reader’s attention. It is important to make sure that your email is read and does not end up in the spam folder.

Select the appropriate greeting. Do some research on the name of the person you are addressing.
Start with a compelling opening sentence.

Be relevant throughout your email.

Explain why the company needs you. Go out in public!
Always express your gratitude when you finish your email.

self-presentation in an interview

If you want to be successful in your interview and make a great impression on the hiring manager, be relevant and authentic. Let’s say you are asked: “Can you tell me something about yourself?”

With the correct answer, you will receive an offer sooner rather than later. So always have a good presentation ready for a job interview:

stick to the conversation frame; After all, this isn’t rocket science. Have Faith Let’s say you are answering the question very well.

Do a thorough research of both the company and the position.
Highlight your skills and personality in your presentation.

Your body language should be correct: don’t sound nervous and don’t cross your arms.

Look your interviewer straight in the eye, shake his hand firmly that demonstrates confidence, and speaks confidently and clearly.

Be prepared to give specific answers to any question. Practice with someone so you don’t be too careful.
If you follow the steps above, you will greatly increase your chances of getting a quote.

Introduce yourself when starting a new job

You dominated the interview with flying colors and received an offer.

You are about to start your new position. You will then be asked to introduce yourself to team members in person or by email and write a short “About Me” section for the company website to highlight your profile.

You should also write a newsletter statement. It sounds scary and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

You already know an important element: the consideration of a particular situation. Don’t forget that other employees of the company have done the same.

Your first source of support is your colleagues. Ask them what they wrote in “About Me”. This will give you an idea of how to effectively write well-thought-out text about yourself.

If you can’t get help from a coworker, imagine talking about yourself with a real person. What would you say to her in a professional but friendly tone? Write it down and then polish.

For example, a simple email could be:


My name is John and I am the new IT Officer for the IT department.

I will take care of all hardware and software issues in all departments to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime.

If you see a new face wearing a lab coat, it’s probably me. We can talk a lot because I’m ready for interesting and friendly conversations.



PS: There are gifts for everyone in the conference room.

Remember: Before introducing yourself, ask your colleagues what they revealed in their hiring process. If you choose to write, assume you’ve met a real person. It should be natural and authentic.

Introducing new customers and potential business partners

In a business context, first impressions are very important. That’s why your point of view about you and your business is particularly important when making new contacts with customers or potential business partners.

When meeting a business partner for the first time, you should always introduce yourself with their full name and greet them with a respectful handshake.

When you walk into an already full meeting room, it’s up to you to greet the customers or partners gathered in the room and introduce yourself.

The highest ranking is always congratulated first.

Introduce yourself and your company in the pitch elevator
If you want to win over new investors and business partners, this is often referred to as an elevator pitch.

This is a short presentation in your and / or your company’s name.

The name of this type of short, concise introduction is based on the idea of meeting someone in the elevator and giving the presentation while in the elevator.

Average. With this method you draw attention and present the key points of an idea or company. If you are successful, keep the conversation going.

Elevator pitches are specifically used to attract new business partners and investors. When creating your presentation, make sure you use clear and understandable language.

Solve the key points and focus on the essentials. It is important to arouse your counterpart’s interest and curiosity with this introduction.

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