How to Use the Whiteboard in teams

There are many ways teams can help your team or business work more efficiently. You can use channels to quickly share files and chat, and you can even host online meetings.

However, if you want to make something visually appealing, you can use Microsoft Whiteboard. You do not need to install it; This is readily available in Teams when you start a meeting.

But how do you use Blackboard and how do you make the most of it? This article will walk you through everything you need to know about whiteboards in a team.

Microsoft Whiteboard in Teams


1- Microsoft Whiteboard in Teams
2- How to share the whiteboard as a team
3- Whiteboard Team Tools
4- When In Doubt, Putting It On Board

Microsoft Whiteboard is a great tool that gives you an infinite digital canvas on which you can create and save your thoughts.

The Whiteboard app is available in the Microsoft Store and App Store and offers a wide range of features. There’s also a web version, part of Microsoft Teams as well. In Team, you can draw, write and share whatever you want using the whiteboard.

So how do you get started with whiteboarding in meetings?

You can easily share it with everyone in the meeting. Regardless of what platform participants use, it is available on mobile devices, the Windows app, and the web.

However, not everyone can create a new whiteboard. This feature is only available on Windows 10, macOS, and the web. The Microsoft Teams apps for Android and iOS don’t currently have this option.

To start a team whiteboard:

1-If you are in a team meeting, select the Share button (in the meeting sharing area).

2-Select “Microsoft Whiteboard” from the “Whiteboard” area.

You can use Microsoft Whiteboard at any time, not just during team meetings. If you are planning a meeting for the first time, you can turn on the whiteboard option and try some sketches before the meeting. You can use it even after the meeting.

How to Share a Whiteboard as a Team

Sometimes you may need visual aid in a meeting. You can end up with a verbal explanation, and it’s nice to have the ability to draw whatever you want to say.

For this reason, the Teams app provides a very accessible way to share whiteboards during meetings. Simply open the shared folder in the meeting window and click Whiteboard. Now every participant sees it.

Each invited participant can open the Whiteboard at any time. Plus, anyone can add items to the same board and it’s a completely collaborative tool.

You can also export the image created on the whiteboard to SVG format later. You can also create a link to share with people who weren’t in the meeting. It can also be useful for those who attended the meeting.

This is because the whiteboard will not show up in the recording even if you are recording the meeting. Microsoft is still working on this feature.

Tools for Whiteboard Teams

Compared to the Microsoft Whiteboard app, the web version has a limited range of functions. It have a small selection of pens and erasers. However, compared to an actual physical whiteboard this may be sufficient.

The whiteboard app also supports text, undo/redoo, ruler, highlighter, etc. However, one of the most amazing things about Blackboard is that it is infinite.

They also have the mandatory zoom feature in case you want to get closer to the details of your sketch.

If in doubt put it on the board

Many people use visual tools to help with the thought process or to convey a message more concisely. It can get noisy and cluttered on a big conference call. For this reason, writing or drawing something on the whiteboard can make all the difference. All you need is a pen, eraser and an endless digital whiteboard.

How do web maps increase the productivity of team meetings?

The way to approach any project is to work together. If everyone can understand their role and contribution in a useful way, it will be great if multiple teams can do such effective work.

Prioritizing collaboration is a fundamental force in developing initiatives that allow you to innovate, generate ideas, and be the key to productivity.

In a virtual match, collaboration is the glue that holds the team together. Knowing that your friends are deciding where to stop and knowing that you and your co-workers are dependent and responsible for each other creates a dynamic energy that is personal and virtually present.

When synchronizing a video conference, harness this dynamic group energy by using an online whiteboard. These additional features pave the way for productivity and ensure a seamless transition from office to online operations.

A suitable tool for creating and promoting cohesion among these groups of office, home and field workers.To foster a culture of collaboration by using an online whiteboard during a video conference:

What is Online Blackboard?

We’re now used to tapping screens, turning off text messages, and sharing slides and documents via online syncing. Technology has changed the way we work and interact, but let’s be honest.

It’s helpful to use colors, shapes, images, and even write your own notes for better learning and making connections. Sometimes words can be abbreviated, with short snippets, memes, mood boards, image or video references filling in the gaps.

Enter the array online. It’s definitely something you know apart from digital and it’s even more visual than its “real” counterpart.

It is an interactive space that invites participants to connect, play and articulate – in real time – concepts, ideas, ideas, plans that are difficult to convey verbally.

How to improve collaboration?

The value of an online whiteboard begins with being used as a space to complement ideas and ideas and to visually rejuvenate them.

When speakers try to make it real, online whiteboards are a tool to help deliver the message.
Collaboration comes alive when you use an online whiteboard to get feedback.

Adapted to open discussions and invite their own thoughts, ideas and changes, each participant can exchange and receive ideas immediately.

For example, when goals and objectives are more visible and accessible to the team, collaboration and communication naturally opens up. It’s easy to work with and it simplifies the process.

Use an online whiteboard to make the one-way process more interactive:

1-Another multifunctional planner that includes videos, tables and graphs that can be filled on the fly
2-Meeting notes can be added and edited by multiple people
3-Ideas and keywords are all that can be added or changed
4-Set a time for each talking point to keep the meeting accurate and on time

What else can you use?

The idea of an online whiteboard is to use it as a digital interface that engages participants in creative and visual media. Online whiteboards aren’t just words and long blocks of text, they’re a hub for explanations, explanations, and even fun!

What Makes an Effective Online Whiteboard? Discover the following characteristics for an efficient environmental experience:

  • Unlimited Canvas: Physical whiteboards obviously have size limits, but there’s no such thing online! Digitizing gives you a lot of white space to create impressive images and visualizations.
  • Cross-platform collaboration: Thanks to the cloud, collaboration can be made available to participants in real time. Share and sync from any device or anything, including comments and short comments!
  • Image attachments: The ability to attach files with links, media, and images provides more depth and functionality to using a whiteboard, to help with or quickly reference a project.
  • Presentation Compatible: With the ability to share and export whiteboards online, no ideas are left behind. Every detail and amendment is included with the submission. Plus, it’s very important to the collaboration process!

Some of the more obvious uses of online whiteboards are:

  • Share media: While you can share links, media, videos and files and have everything at your fingertips in one place, anyone can easily access and retrieve them.
  • Upload documents: Drag and drop anything you want to share with the group onto the canvas. Add assets to a presentation or workshop without delay.
  • Sticky Notes – Leave digital notes on canvas to remind others to read, save or add.
  • Digital Pen Creator – Use your tablet to create ideas or sketches, and even handwrite them on a public or private whiteboard so they can be used now or saved for when it’s too late.

Some of the more obvious uses of online whiteboards are:

Additionally, online whiteboards help to develop ideas, concepts and ideas by interpreting and teaching in the digital space.

Here are some less obvious uses for online whiteboards:

  • Mind Map: It is visual in the beginning. Add an interaction with the mind map you created on the online whiteboard. See how you take a stack of information and organize it into a structured (and linked!) diagram
  • Planning: Whether you’re organizing a function, forming a committee, or deciding how the dining table and DJ will fit into the room, an online whiteboard can help you plan and organize a space. Can do. Tasks, events and to-do lists can take advantage of this.

Decision Making – Before making a decision, think about all the information. Use an online chalkboard to illustrate different aspects of your decision. Add a diagram that explains what happens if you choose A instead of B, or use a roadmap and decision-making framework: B. A SWOT diagram.

Lessons – Give students a better chance to study in the classroom or remotely. You have lessons, a physical blackboard (and a blackboard!) Games, tutorials, seminars, study sessions are all tweakable and different from online whiteboards, which offer face-to-face conversations.

Now that you understand how online whiteboards can be beneficial to collaboration and progress, there are a number of techniques you should follow to get the most out of these features, and have your team do the same for everyone.

5 Techniques for Better Web Meetings with Online Whiteboards:

1-Zero to online meeting with an online whiteboard to create a plan. “Free Form” gives you the task of specifying the purpose of synchronization.

Write the main idea, set the tone for the video, break down the goal into a few keywords; Design the meeting around your message and place the front and middle lines on the canvas so that they are the focus of all participants.

2-Make sure your canvas is clean and organized. Use lines and color codes; Create a standard room and write it clearly for best results. Conversely, throwing something into space is also an option. Save, clean and start again when you need more space or have too much.

3-Categorize your content if possible. If other ideas need to be introduced and disseminated, we recommend using rows, columns and sections to ensure their functioning and development.

The sign of your growing thoughts will help you understand where and in which direction you are heading.

4-Create a “parking lot” to remember the beginning of an idea or a crushed thought so that it doesn’t lose momentum or flow.

If someone is giving a presentation or you are focused on the project but inconsistent and boring ideas arise, the ideas are always recorded so that they are not lost. This is very relevant for conversion points, topics, topics and conversion kickbacks.

5-There are many ways to use whiteboards online. Its deployment is critical and makes it possible to launch brainstorming sessions, manage new talent, and disseminate transversal projects. Some of the advantages are.

Start your meeting on time

Answer: The first thing you can do for an out-of-park meeting is to arrive and start on time. Sure, it sounds obvious, but when you walk in, you’re all drawn to yourself.

You are responsible for people’s time. So when you start a meeting, make sure you come early to resolve any issues. Give it a try and be sure you can end your online meeting 5 minutes early!

Great Presentation

The essence of a meeting is to convey a message to the audience, use language, and express it in a positive way. If it doesn’t go well, the attendees won’t participate at all.

Here’s an online whiteboard for adding dimensions and shape to the output of your demo or seminar.

Quickly scroll through the items on your list

Think of workflow, anything that makes real factors of the assimilation of information by team members more effective unrealistic.

Modern collaboration technologies can be used to generate ideas, share them, and speed up the process. Remote, on-site, wherever your team is. Online Whiteboard remains a digital hub that is accessible to all.

Explain how to organize meetings

Feel how corporate culture thrives when it comes to ideas and information. An open dialogue between departments, management and employees naturally creates more collaboration.

Transparency and an “open door policy” are key when it comes to employee welfare.

Best convention best convention

As videoconferencing can now take place without cables, cables, specialized rooms and expensive setup, the actual structure of the meeting has changed dramatically from before.

Browser based software without downloader makes it easy to touch depending on your device and can be used on the go.
Plus, with visually appealing features and many other bells and whistles that invite attendees to join the meeting, it’s easier than ever to attract an audience.

Join the Teleworkers

Employees who don’t work with a team every day can still be treated as part of a team with modern equipment that allows for faster connections and less talk time.

Features like clear high definition audio compatibility, clear iPhone and Android, and online meeting rooms, cloud storage, and screen sharing so that it can be used regardless of the air.

Take the load off the IT team

It is not uncommon for an IT team (regardless of size) to feel stressed because of the many questions and problems coworkers or customers have facing technical blockchain.

Software that guarantees interoperability between hardware guarantees smooth navigation. Additionally, features like screen sharing and online whiteboards make it more flexible to comment on issues rather than view them.

With no maintenance costs, fewer IT hours, increased productivity and decreased employee downtime in the long run.

Use Callbridge’s powerful video conferencing software to give your business an edge. Take advantage of features like screen sharing, deluxe security, AI assistants and more, plus an online whiteboard for delivering in-depth presentations and meetings.

Have you ever used a whiteboard in a group meeting? Do you know any other features we’ve omitted? Let us know in the comment section below.

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