What is IPC SECTION 354 (Section 354)

Punishment to be found in IPC SECTION 354 in English (section 354).

If a person says something to a woman walking on the road or tries to stop her so that that girl has to face humiliation.

If a person has to face humiliation in the society or that woman has to be ashamed in front of the society because of wrongly stopping or abusing a woman walking on the road, then it is a serious offense committed by that person.

Due to which that person can be imprisoned for a term, the punishment in such cases can be increased to 1 year or it can be increased to 5 years, it is very difficult to get bail in such an offense.

Crime committed:

This act done by any person to shame or shame a woman on the way is a crime by law.

Punishment to be done:

The punishment for a money crime can range from 1 year to 5 years and it is difficult to get bail in such a crime.

Such crimes are a matter of shame for the society and the government should take some concrete steps to stop such crimes. Such offenses are not pardonable

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