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Focus on this diploma with multiple options Master of Professional studies.

The master is a national bac + 5 degree, accessible after the bachelor’s degree and issued by public universities. Some large private schools also offer master’s degrees.

What is a master’s degree?

The master is the second state university degree that is acquired after two years of study immediately after graduation (Bac + 3) and before the doctorate (Bac + 8).

Officially defines the level of training at Bac + 5 (Master 1 and Master 2). The master’s degree is expressed in ECTS credits.

If you hold this degree, it means that you have acquired 300 ECTS to pursue a doctorate.

The master is awarded by public institutions and in particular by universities. Large business and engineering schools may also offer bac +5 degrees that award a master’s degree.

Systems for a successful master’s degree at university

Differences between the research master and the professional master
The Research Master’s and the Professional Master’s are both accessible at the Bac + 3 level.

They include rigorous selection during the application and admission phase and the preparation of a thesis at the end of the course.

From 2017, the selection takes place upon entry into the first year of the Master and no longer in the second year. While they share many similarities, each has its own specifics.

• The research master is ideal for those aiming for a doctorate (Bac + 8). If you’re targeting the higher education sector, you may be looking for a lecturer or university professor position.

However, the profiles of young research graduates are in high demand on the job market. You can make a career in private organizations, municipalities and public institutions.

• The part-time master is based on the autonomy of the students so that they are quickly ready to go.

Personalized support at public universities is also provided by companies, which welcome students during their 3 to 6 month internship.

Depending on the chosen course of study, the professional master is an option for a career in a wide variety of areas: marketing, business, communication, human resources, finance, etc.


Success ranking of the Master 2021 by university and subject

Differences between master’s and master’s degrees

In the field of higher education, the master’s and the specialized master’s are two titles with specific characteristics.

• The master is a national diploma that allows entry into the labor market, but also access to research.

There are many variations depending on the desired field of activity or the chosen course of study.

Natural sciences, technologies, art, literature, languages, humanities and social sciences are the main areas of expertise of the master.

• The specialist master is a so-called postgraduate course.

This is a label of the CGE (Conférence des grandes écoles). It is issued to students who already have a master’s degree and the preparation lasts two years.

So you can prepare for a specialized Master if you have a Master 1 or Master 2 or equivalent.

Another criterion puts a strain on the budget: you must demonstrate at least 3 years of professional experience to be able to apply for the specialist master’s degree.

Specialized Masters®: for which profiles and which professional objectives?
Difference between Masters and MBAs

Unlike the Master’s, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) requires several years of professional experience upfront.

One of the strengths of the MBA is its international recognition as an education of excellence in business and management.

This diploma allows you to take up positions of responsibility and a favorable salary.

But beware, the MBA title is not protected. All courses are eligible for MBA status – be vigilant about the courses you are planning.


An MBA for career reorientation

Differences between Masters and MSc

The Master of Science (or MSc), also awarded by the CGE (Conférence des grandes écoles), is accessible at the Bac + 3 level.

It is aimed at French or international students who wish to specialize in a multicultural environment.

The Master of Science focuses on teaching exclusively in English and the course lasts from 1 to 2 years. An internship must be completed during training.

Master, Master, Specialized Master® … Make a difference!

How do you access a master’s degree?

To prepare your master’s degree application

s on the Find MyMonmaster portal to select the Masters you are interested in and find out the opening and closing dates for applications. Then register on the candidate platform of the universities at which you would like to enroll. You can also find all masters in our training directory.

● Gather all the documents you need to set up your practice: cover letter, curriculum vitae, bachelor’s degree results, ID card and photo.

Depending on the course you choose, you may need to be interviewed.

● Be quick to react! If your question is successful, you may be asked for an answer. Popular courses require a return within 10 to 15 days.

If you find yourself on the supplementary list, be patient: a place may become vacant. In this case, the university has the option to go until the start of the school year.

● Submit an application for further studies to the Rector if you have not been admitted to a Master’s degree despite confirmation of admission.

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