A Colourful New Venture


Last month, Little L and I visited Ossett Gala and, as with most events like these, my son spied the Face Painters and proceeded to nag me while I proceeded to use it as a bargaining tool for him to behave whilst we were there.

This event benefitted me in two ways:
A) I became a little famous as my picture was in the Wakefield Express, our local newspaper – winner!
B) I saw the brilliant work of Donna’s Face Painting.

Funnily enough, only a few weeks before I’d seen a post on Facebook about her face painting classes and wondered whether it was something I could try my hand at. A fellow Wakefield blogger, Colley’s Wobbles, had commented on it and I asked if she fancied it to which she responded that she had already done it and I should too. After seeing the beautiful designs from Ossett Gala (compared with another Face Painter there whose designs seemed somewhat basic) I thought back to my New Years Resolution – “Learn a new skill”. Before I knew it, I was signed up and I paid my deposit!

In the weeks leading up to the course, I started to feel a little nervous! I wasn’t the best artist. Mrs Garden, my GCSE art teacher, had continuously told me this fact during the two years I studied Art at secondary school. She was surprised as I was when I scraped a C on results day. What if I made a complete fool of myself on the course? However by the time the weekend before arrived I was actually really excited about my new venture into Face Painting and spent the majority of my spare time looking through Pinterest and Donna’s Face Painting Facebook page.

The course fell on a Monday which was handy as it’s the husbands day off. I was looking forward to 7 hours of “me time” and if I was good at the Face Painting, it was a bonus. By the time it got to 2pm on the day I was thinking “awww, only three hours left!”, for no other reason than I could have carried on painting on that fake head well into the evening…I was loving it that much!

The whole day was relaxed, fun, informative and well paced, giving us students time to practise each new technique we learnt and not rushing us into the next thing before we’d had a go at mastering something. Donna is one of those people that has the ability to immediately make you feel at ease, she’s easy to get on with and appealed to my (childish?) sense of humour when we were working on teardrop line work and she said they should look like sperm!

Hilariously, our first task was to paint a butterfly from what we knew of face painting. My knowledge was limited so I just did what I could with a pretty purple/pink paint. A clever ploy from Donna as we were able to compare this with our end designs and see the vast progress we had all made over seven hours.

By the end of the day I had painted a tiger, princess crown, butterfly and rainbow with clouds. I’d begun to master painting flowers and was more knowledgable on line work and the different products available in the Face Painting world. I had also spent my saved birthday money on a starter pack of goodies I couldn’t wait to get working with at home.

I got home feeling a little in awe of Donna and her amazing skills. The things that girl can do with a one stroke palette and a brush is unbelievable and her work is stunning. How beautiful is this flower design she did on my arm?

She was so complimentary of my initial progress on the course and I felt really encouraged to keep going and develop my skills. I have a feeling it can become slightly addictive so my husband is already quivering at the thought of our bank balance taking a hit. Donna also has an online shop – Yorkshire Face Paints – which is like an aladdin’s cave of face painting goodness and I’m looking forward to building my brushes, paints and other techniques.

Where do I think it will take me? Who knows! For now I am going to practice, practice, practice – on Bertha (my head), my boards and on anyone who will let me. In the future it would be nice to think that, at the minimum, I could do parties for friends and family. It’s so much fun and I look forward to creating my own designs eventually…with the help of Donna’s intermediate course!

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16 Responses to A Colourful New Venture

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  4. This is amazing, I never knew there were such courses X #kcacols

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  6. crummymummy1 says:

    Love that bright pink rose design! #KCACOLS

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  7. What a great skill to learn. I am always in awe of facepainters. My niece has her face painted recently but with glitter and sequins and it looked amazing. Aell done and good luck with it! #kcacols

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  8. Peachy says:

    Your work looks great. You should definitely keep up with it. Great job! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time


  9. Ordinary Hopes says:

    Facepainting has certainly changed over the years! These are fabulous and you should definitely keep going with it. #KCACOLS

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  10. JakiJellz says:

    This is great – you should definitely keep it up you have a real talent! Thanks for joining in with #TriumphantTales, hope to see you again Tuesday.

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  11. Well done you on trying something new and it was nice to be reminded of Ossett as I am from Dewsbury originally

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  12. wow, that is epic and you have such a talent X #triumphanttales

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  13. This is amazing, it’s such an art and you’ve done so well! #triumphanttales

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  14. These are great! Congrats on getting in the paper too! #TriumphantTales

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  15. This is great and a complete testament to how amazing Donna is. She’s certainly the best face painter and teacherI have come across, some might say the Van Gogh of the face painting world. You’re doing fantastic, my flowers were never as good as yours. I’m so pleased you enjoyed the class and you’ve also inspired me to get back on the horse. Gem x

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