Pregnancy Diaries: Dating Scan & The Midwife

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16 weeks!

Four of nine months of pregnancy! There are days where I think it’s going really slowly and then I realise I’m at 16 weeks already and can’t believe I’m almost half way through. Chances are, this is going to be our last pregnancy, so I want to enjoy it as much as I can.

According to the funky little app called Baby Pics, Baby Nugget is the size of a donut. Other apps liken it to a avocado or an action figure (batman to be exact, my baby is batman). One of the ladies is nursery said

“Isn’t it funny that baby is still so small, yet your tummy is getting bigger?”

and she’s right, but apparently my uterus has got much bigger now and there is the placenta and not forgetting my organs! I actually saw the midwife this week and she said my uterus is at my belly button now which is exactly where it should be. We had a little listen to the heartbeat, which would have been nice, however the little mite was wriggling around so much we (my son and I, Daddy was at work) only heard it for about 20 seconds! At that point I thought “Uh oh, we have a lively one!”

I hoped that, as I hit the second trimester, I would begin feeling more normal again, like I did with my son. Unfortunately I’m not quite there yet. I’m still pretty exhausted and prone to falling asleep on the sofa or, more shockingly, during Love Island (Yes, it’s taken over my life. Don’t judge me. I have a weakness for trash TV)! More inconvient is the gipping…if I look at something, or even think of something, I don’t want to eat then I cough and gip. In Sainsbury’s the other day Little L said “What’s that noise?” when I was gipping. I had to tell him it was me!

The most exciting part of the 12-16 weeks of this pregnancy has been the dating scan at the hospital. Despite having a reassurance scan at 9.5 weeks, I still felt nervous as we walked towards the hospital doors. We walked down the corridor I’d staggered down whilst in labour with our little boy and I did feel a little bit of excitement and crossed my fingers everything was still okay. We didn’t have to wait long before we were called for our appointment and the sonographer was really chatty and lovely. She showed us our baby before turning the screen back round and clicking away to take measurements etc.

Whilst she was doing her job, my husband showed his dislike of quiet situations by filling the silence with chatter. The only benefit of this was entertaining stories from the sonographer about past patients, including a lady who had managed to persuade her husband to have one more baby, they got pregnant with number five only to go to the scan (she went alone as he worked away) to find out it was Baby five AND SIX! I think I would have fainted!

Finally she turned the screen back around and we were able to watch our little Nugget wriggling around and kick its (surprisingly long!) legs and waving its arms about. I could have laid there watching Baby dance about for hours, the relief that everything was okay was amazing.

I wondered whether to hold off on telling Little L about the baby after the scan. It’s a funny one isn’t it? If, tragically, anything did happen it would be confusing. However Mummy having a baby in her tummy could be confusing too! When we showed him the scan picture and asked him what it was, he said “A leg” – ha ha! Well if you look at the first picture, he was right! He seemed quite happy about it and since then, he has just got on with it. Occasionally he tells someone that “Mummy has a baby in her tummy” but didn’t mention much else until this week when he started walking around with an Ironman teddy up his tshirt and today he told nursery that he had a girl baby in his tummy and I had a boy baby in mine.

After the scan, we also announcement on social media with this little visual:


It was lovely to see that everyone was so pleased for us, and already think that Little L will make an awesome Big Brother. I have to agree…

As I lay in bed, writing this post on my phone, I am starting to feel bits of movement, nothing major just little flutters, but it’s lovely either way.

I’m looking forward to revealing the gender in my 16-20 weeks post but until then, place your bets? Do you think Baby Nugget is a boy or a girl?

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2 Responses to Pregnancy Diaries: Dating Scan & The Midwife

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  2. ahhh congratulations lovely! gosh, imagine six kids???? think I’d have a heart attack! I wont hazard a guess as i’m always so wrong.
    Thanks for linking up to #TriumphantTales. I cant wait to read the next post!


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