What do you tell your kids about the big man? No not God…Santa, Father Christmas, St Nick.

Last year, whilst visiting Janma’s, she said to me

“You’ll have to tell me what the rules for Santa are next year, when he understands more.”

I didn’t give it much thought last year as Little L was still Baby R and didn’t have much of a clue about Santa but now he’s two and a half and far more aware of what happens this time of year. He knows the following:

  • Santa brings presents
  • Santa sends an elf to see if you’re being a good boy and deserve presents
  • Santa has reindeer and goes “whoosh, in the sky”.

Artie the Elf is staying with us 1st Dec to 24th Dec

I doubt his tiny mind thinks much past this basic information. In fact, I think he struggled to process this, let alone how Santa makes all the presents or gets them all on his sleigh.

One thing that does differ to last year is that he knows what presents are and wants to open any he sees. Proven when I left a present from a relative under the tree and, when I left the room for one minute, he was tearing into it! My brother in law told me off for putting presents under the tree instead of sending to Santa and once again, Mum’s words about ‘Santa Rules’ floated into my head.

Christmas 2015

My son will, at some point, see us (ahem, me) buying presents and people will bring presents over, although so far we have done this without him seeing. How to explain Santa so that the magic isn’t lost and answer all the tricky questions, like why we’re buying presents when Santa brings them?! 

This Christmas (2016)

I also think that it is important that my son understands that Mummy and Daddy, and his family and friends, work hard to buy presents for Christmas and I want him to appreciate what he has, so what are the rules without losing the magic?

Even now I’m sure but I’m going to need a plan to stick to by next year, indefinitely.

I think it’s imperative that Santa has the final say on presents so if you’ve not been a good boy or girl, you’re on the naughty list. He’s always watching. If you don’t have this rule, how else do we bribe our children to behave? (Not that it always works!)

But then what? Do we send all the presents to Santa to deliver? Do we send money to Santa to help him out? (That kind of spoils the magic!) Do we buy for the adults and Santa just sorts the children’s presents? Does Santa bring each person a couple of presents and we too up the rest because we like to buy for family and friends to show we care?

I really don’t know…obviously the answer to a lot of it is MAGIC. That’s how he gets around the entire world, and every person in it, in one night. That’s how he flies in his sleigh and that’s how he gets everything in his sleigh…kind of like Mary Poppins bag.

MY SISTER: “He’s called Blitzen, Little L.” LITTLE L: “Hi Richard!” *face palm*

But what about everything else? I’m keen to make Christmas as magical as possible while he still believes so I don’t want him doubting anything because of something I’ve said.

So what do you think? How do you approach Santa? (That sounds slightly wrong!) Please comment below or on Facebook/Twitter.

(Oh, and lets not get into the “Lying to our children is wrong” conversation because believing in Santa is magical and children should be children – using their imagination and believing in Santa, Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy.)



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  1. It’s a tricky one. My kids are 5, 8 and 10 and all believe, I say that the ones in town are just his helpers as he’s too busy but the real Santa comes on xmas eve, Sarah #FabFridayPost

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  2. Love Nell’s take on that! lol! It is a tricky question. My Ethan (5 yo) also asked if Santa we saw in Town was real. I didn’t replied and pretended I did not hear him. To be honest, I am the one who is not ready to grow up yet! lol!

    Thank you so much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost xx

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  3. Nell says:

    We have a mummy and daddy gift and a token Santa gift. The token Santa gift is something small with a little message from him… Santa maybe magic but he can’t afford to make payouts to major corporations for copyright infringements. The elves would be caught on a Dispatches camera for supplying fake goods too!

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