Christmas Clothing Wishes


Since having my son, Little L, I’ve found that my list to Santa has become a lot shorter, occasionally non-exsistent. From the moment he came into our lives, I’ve not needed, or wanted, much…making the Christmas period slightly difficult when generous friends and family are asking what I would like, including my husband.

This year, I asked my hubby for a dishwasher. Yep, you heard right. He grumbled (he isn’t a fan of them) but agreed, unfortunately a plumber friend visited to discuss it’s location and dashed all my dreams by telling me it wouldn’t be as simple as we first thought. So that was it, my hope of a 2017 with little washing up was ruined…and I had to think of an alternative.


As I mentioned in this post, I used to love shopping before I had Little L. I didn’t appreciate it one bit. I took it for granted. Now I will not, cannot, go shopping with my son. It is not an pleasant experience so I take to the internet to see whats about, particularly Love The Sales, where you can shop every sale in one place. No searching through various websites or battling crazy people in the shops, it’s all in one location…like a virtual department store and without leaving your sofa! For a busy Mum and teacher, time is short so it makes life a whole lot easier!

Since returning to work in September, I’ve been on a mission to lose some weight. My friend is a Cambridge Weight Plan consultant so I met with her and have been following it ever since. Occasionally life has got in the way and I’ve had ups and downs but to date I have lost a stone and I’m feeling a lot better for it, so why not treat myself to some new clothes to celebrate my new figure!

I know I said I didn’t need anything but, if I was clutching at straws, my boots are starting to get a little tatty. I currently have a pair of Blowfish beige slouchy boots which i adore but they are falling apart and they don’t make them anymore so my first stop was the UGG section of Love the Sales.

The first pair that caught my eye were the Tall Chocolate Uggs (right) which had a fantastic 31% imageproxyoff, making them £135 instead of £195. The price was appealing but I’m a little unsure as I’m not a fan of the sole on UGG’s or the fit around the calves. Now I’m swaying towards the UGG Brea Clog Boots (left) in black which are imageproxy-2leather and sheepskin. They look cosy and comfortable despite the small heel. This style of boot is really appealing to me at the moment, I love the style and they’re adaptable because they suit jeans but would also look cute with a dress or denim skirt. The black ones have a fab 30% off, making them an affordable £133 and the beige ones have 20% off on a different website (£152)…I’m still deciding which I prefer! Any words of wisdom greatly received!

Although I’m guilty for being a slave to my scales, one way that I know I’ve putimageproxy-4 on weight (like most) is when my jeans get tight. I’m happy at the moment that my jeans not only fit, but they’re falling down a little too so I’ve been looking for tops to go with them. I love the prints on Ted Baker clothing and came across the Ted Baker Franxi Patternimageproxy-5 T-Shirt (right) with a great 29% off. This would look casual but stylish teamed with a pair of jeans (dark denim is my favourite but it would look nice with a lighter denim too) and converse whilst being comfortable too, a must for any Mum! For a more dressy look, I really like this Ted Baker Grenata Vest (left) which would look gorgeous with black skinny jeans and some heels for a night out or meal with the girls. I find these cami-style tops to be uber flattering for me. They cover my lumps and bumps but still give me shape and, if I’m not loving my arms (which sometimes happens) I throw a leather jacket or blazer over it.

I enjoy wearing trousers: jeans, patterns, tailored but with my weight fluctuating a lot this year I’ve steered clear of them, sticking to comfy leggings and dresses. I’m hoping this weight loss is a turning point for me and I continue to lose then maintain and with that I will be able to enjoy wearing trousers again without worrying about them digging in. I have an issue with people who wear leggings as trousers…I believe they should be worimageproxy-7n underneath lonimageproxy-6g tops, skirts and dresses…like thick tights. No camel toe, thank you please! With this life rule that I have, jeggings are a grey area. If they are thick material and have a button, pockets etc (like uber stretchy jeans) I’m happy. Pleasingly, I came across several styles like this in the Superdry sales! In my opinion you need a staple of a pair of blue jeans and a pair of black jeans, anymore is a bonus! I found the Superdry Women’s Alexia Jegging Jeans in Midnight Sky (left) and the Superdry Women’s Alexia Jegging Jeans in Coated Black with 29% and costing less than 35 quid! These are definitely on my ‘To Buy” list!

Finally, some luxuries that I didn’t know I might want till I saw them! When I was browsing Love The Sales I came across this dress on Ted Baker…let me tell you that I have no occasion to wear it, nor do I need it but I had to feature it because I thought it was so stunning!


I don’t even know if the style would suit me, being a longer length (I’m only 5ft5) and a high neck (my curvier top half doesn’t always appreciate a high neck) but I thought the style and print were beautiful. I wish I had a wedding in 2017 that I was going to so I had an excuse to wear it! Ha ha!

And last but not least, every since my husband bought me a Michael Kors bag as a ‘Going back to work after Maternity Leave’ present, I’ve been looking out for a MK clutch that I would love as much as my Selma handbag and I’ve set my sights on this MK Ava Clutch in Dusty Blue (which I think is grey, my favourite colour!)  Gorgeous, isn’t it?! And only £100.74, which I don’t think is bad at all for a Michael Kors bag!


To be honest, browsing Love The Sales I was spoilt for choice and could have easily spent my entire savings, however so close to Christmas I am trying to be good…and passing the links onto family and friends! Here’s hoping someone of them are delivered by Santa and end up under my Christmas tree on the 25th, especially the MK Clutch which I’m a little in love with. Why don’t you have a look through the links? I’d love to know your top picks!

This post was written via LoveTheSales, all words and views are my own. 


About Becky Roversi

Previously the writer of Educating Roversi, Becka is a 30 something Mum to two and has an addiction to mugs, Disney, pyjamas & stationery. Welcome to the Bubble!
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