Driving Me Potty…

Since last Wednesday I’ve been feeling anxious…the same kind of anxious I felt during pop-2weaning and when I first drove around with my newborn son in the car. Why, you ask? POTTY TRAINING!

Let me put this into context for you. My son will be two and a half just before Christmas. I wasn’t bothered about him being in nappies and was quite happy to wait until he “was ready” as everyone said.

“They’ll do it in a week when they’re ready” People told me. (Pah!)

I’d thought he might have been ready at half term but he wasn’t, and that was fine. I wasn’t in any rush. Then we had a weekend where he started telling me he needed to wee and he did the same at nursery on the Tuesday so we collectively agreed to give potty training a go. Then the anxiety began…

I’m not an anxious person, in fact, I’m pretty laid back about most things. I breastfed Little L and never once worried about how much milk he was getting or how often he was feeding and my parenting style on the whole is strict but relaxed. I’m not a hovering parent, worrying about every move he makes. But then weaning began, and I suddenly obsessed about every crumb he ate and at ten months old, when he spat out anything that had a slight lump, I convinced myself he would eat puree and toast/pasta for the rest of his life. (Note: this didn’t happen obviously and he eats well mostly.)

So now we’re coming to the end of Day Eight of potty training and I feel like we’ve took a step backwards so I’m writing a post to help me process it. I’ve felt anxious for the six out of the eight days we’ve been training him because it’s so unpredictable…I’m not good with surprises!

This hasimg_1280 been our potty training technique:

  • Potty upstairs and downstairs
  • Child’s seat and stool at the toilet downstairs and the one upstairs
  • Training pants and normal pants
  • Nappies for nap time and bed time.
  • Asking Little L if he needs a wee every 15/30 minutes.
  • Saying “What do you do if you need a wee wee?” which he replies “Go to the toilet.”
  • Encouraging sitting on the potty or toilet before meals or going out.
  • Lots of praise and a reward chart with stickers each time he goes and a big sticker for an accident free day.

We started off well, the first two days we only had two accidents each day which I thought was quite good. Nursery was a write-off but then I was told that they take longer to train there as they were distracted by all the activities. I felt comforted by this as it was logical.

We then had three days at home to keep going with it and Saturday was our first accident free day – whoop! I felt positive and proud by this development. The following day we had one tiny accident and then Monday was another accident free day. My little man was definitely progressing and, when he went to nursery the next day, I felt positive that, whilst it might not be an accident free day, we would have considerably less than the last time he’d been there.


Well at least the little man is feeling positive!

I couldn’t have been more wrong…leaving with a carrier bag FULL of wet clothes: four pairs of little trousers, four pairs of socks, four lots of pants and a pair of shoes. In fact, when I turned up he was in a pair of crocs. Each to their own and all that but I never thought I’d see my child in some crocs!



I’m fed up of washing! Although, his converse came up lovely in the washer!

I had a chat with the key workers and they encouraged me to continue, with the potty training…not the croc wearing. My conscience was telling me the same, there was no going back, we must continue in the mission for dry pants.

And that brings us to the last two days. One accident yesterday but three today so I’m a little disheartened. The positives are that we’ve been out twice today and he’s not had accidents whilst we’ve been out. In  fact, when we popped into school to watch a rehearsal, he did a wee in the potty while we were there. In addition to this, he’s been for several wee’s since his accident whilst eating his tea and he’s told me each time.


My worry is that he seems to only go of his own accord when he’s not wearing any pants at all. The rest of the time, I have to ask him to sit on the loo or potty. He was having accidents mainly when tired or distracted by something he didn’t want to break off from. For example, he was eating ice cream yesterday in the pub when he wet himself. It was also nap time. I can understand this…after all he is still young. However I’m a person who likes to see progress…I’m trained for it as a teacher. In this case, day eight, I’m not seeing a lot of progress.


Tomorrow is a nursery day and I’m getting the extra clothes ready. My hope is I might have only two bags of wet clothes rather than four…fingers crossed!

Have you been through potty training? Do you have any tips for me? I’d love to hear them! Comment below or find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Previously the writer of Educating Roversi, Becka is a 30 something Mum to two and has an addiction to mugs, Disney, pyjamas & stationery. Welcome to the Bubble!
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15 Responses to Driving Me Potty…

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  3. I always thought the “issue” with potty training is that at such a young age they’re so easily distracted. So at home when they’re constantly reminded about going to the toilet etc. they will do it. But out and about, or at say nursery where they’re around lots of other people and having fun, it’s easier for them to forget. That’s my theory anyway. We haven’t reached the potty training stage “yet” though Chase has started sitting on it in the mornings whilst dh gets his nappy etc. ready, and he tells him does he need to go wee wee etc. and a few times he has gone. Whether that’s just pure luck or not, we’ll find out when we start training properly! 😀 haha. #KCACOLS

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  4. Suburban Mum says:

    Try not to get too disheartened he’s made brilliant progress so far and as you say he is still young. Both my boys didn’t properly crack it until they were gone 3. What we did do with my youngest was send him to nursery in pull-ups but got him to treat them like they were pants. I know some prefer to go the whole hog and not confuse them but each to their own. Preservere with it – you’ll get there in the end!

    Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS and I hope to see you back again on Sunday x


  5. Ordinary Hopes says:

    We did it very gradually from age one. Just by sitting them on the potty first thing in the morning as most people need a wee first thing, then adding in at bedtime and then taking him to the bathroom each time I went. Somehow it just happened naturally.

    Second son has disabilities and it was a whole different matter. Still getting there with this one! #KCACOLS

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  6. RachelSwirl says:

    Oh the perils of potty training, I remember it well and at one point I thought we had cracked it then we went backwards, it is about their body learning to recognise the signals and this can take a while . xxxx
    Good luck my love

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  7. We’ve yet to go through potty training in this house. So all I can do is wish you luck. #KCACOLS

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  8. Emma says:

    aw I feel for you because this sounds similar to us. although I waited a bit past two and a half. we had a few good days at first, accidents but it wasn’t horrific. the wees we got the grip off quite quickly but it was poos that were an issue. he’d hold it and not recognise he needed to go until last minute. pretty much everyday we’d get to nursery and his bag would be full of pants in nappy bags. I threw out soooo many pants too. I wrote quite a few tips on my blog for travel with a potty training toddler and some other bits. puppy pads – that’s all ill say hehe!
    Also I hear you on the progress. we felt continually wed go forward then back to square one. and for us this went on for around 3 months before he really “got” the number twos. perseverance and patience xx #KCACOLS

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