Tumble Tots: 2-3 years


If you ‘like’ my Facebook page, you’ll have seen that one of the highlights of the week for Little L is his Tumble Tots class, particularly one of the instructors Angela who he has took a shine to.

Since returning to the class after the Summer, our son has graduated! He has progressed from the Walking to Two Years class to the Two to Three Years class. To celebrate this occasion we were given certificate, which if I’m honest, was lost on Little L but I appreciated it and safely tucked it away with other sentimental items that I keep…like splodges of paint on a doily.

After the second birthday, we were given the option to move up straight away, however I was told that it was more structured that the previous class, and I wasn’t sure how our ‘spirited’ son would deal with that so I decided to wait a little longer.

The initial difference I noticed was that there was less singing (which L loves) but there was more encouragement on listening to each other when we shared our weekly news. A lovely idea and great for the parents but currently, I’m not sure how much our tots take in. Saying that, most of them enjoy telling everyone what they’ve been up to. I have to remember to prep Mini R on the morning of the class so he doesn’t just say “Yeah” when asked about his news by Angela.

This group reminds me very much of circuit training in the gym! Toddlers are split into groups and given a station to work on for a set amount of time before moving onto the next via a little train that they create by holding onto each other…like a cute, small Conga line! Our little man loves this aspect of the class…proudly heading up the train when asked.

In the beginning, the idea of staying on one piece of equipment was challenging. Little L was used to the freedom of going on whatever he wanted so I spent the first couple of lessons having to persuade him to stay where he was every few minutes. Gradually he has got used to the new structure and seems to be really enjoying it.

The activités are more demanding and challenging for the little people but still within their abilities and I can now really see the specific skills they are developing: agility, balance, climbing and hand/eye co-ordination. Even in the last few weeks, L has noticeably improved at jumping with two feet in two weeks and, most of the time, he listens really well…something he could do to implement at home! I love how they encourage recognition of shapes and colours and they still have action songs at the beginning and end where Mini R is able to be centre stage and sing to his hearts content.

The lovely ladies that run this session, Angela, Jo and Emma, are fabulous with the toddlers and they are definitely what makes the class so special. My son has a particular soft spot for Angela whose name he says every time Tumble Tots is mentioned and he even came a water bottle after her! He makes a bee line for the spot next to her in circle time, occasionally opting to be extra close and sitting on her knee and she usually gets a big cuddle before he goes. Luckily she doesn’t seem to mind! Good job he’s cute!

There was a point when I thought about stopping Tumble Tots to try another activity with Little L, but now I’m thinking he’ll still be going when he’s 15…..!

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Previously the writer of Educating Roversi, Becka is a 30 something Mum to two and has an addiction to mugs, Disney, pyjamas & stationery. Welcome to the Bubble!
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