Social Media: Handle With Care


I’ve had zero inspiration recently for posts and I’ve not had as much motivation to keep my little blog going, despite loving having it. I noticed the same thing happened in January last year! Weird.

Anyway, back to the post, this is something I began writing late last year and found in my drafts so thought I’d go back to it…

I recently saw something on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter (I can’t remember which) about the effect of social media on our children, add to this a recent experience on Facebook and I decided to channel my thoughts into a blog post – as Educating Roversi was first intended.


As a child of the 80’s, Facebook didn’t enter my life until I was at university and then you could a) only have it if you were at a university and b) had to start every status with “Becky is” meaning that everyone was taking about themselves in third person. As smart phones and the Internet have progressed, so has social media, creating Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and other platforms for people to connect on.

In some ways, social media is a wonderful thing. I can say for certain that there are people that I may have not have kept in touch with if it wasn’t for Facebook. In our busy lives, it’s nice to have that link with people that you don’t get to see as often as you’d like. With family and friends on the other side of the world, social media is amazing for making them feel slightly less further away. In addition, Twitter and Instagram have been a great way to get my blog seen and heard. Not Facebook as much, which I find incredibly frustrating when it comes to my blog. If I could just organise myself to tweet more and schedule posts every night, these sites/apps are designed to connect with the masses and that it does. Snapchat is fairly new and, in my humble opinion, is the most pointless app ever and yet, everyone loves those filters don’t they? Me included! Don’t tell me you’ve not had you picture taken at some point with the dog ears and nose!

Unfortunately there is a darker side to social media. A side which worries me as my son grows and, one day, will have his own Social Media. How the hell do I manage that?

As a teacher in a secondary school, within every argument I deal with between students, somewhere Facebook is mentioned. Someone’s slagged someone off, someone wrote a status about me etc etc. If there is one thing I cannot stand it’s a passive aggressive status on the Book of Face….you know the ones I mean right?

“Becky is feeling angry. I’m not jealous, you stupid f**king bitch! – come say it to my face!”

Erm…how’s about you tag the “bitch” in your status and say it to her face? I bet that within this situation the other person has barely said a word. It’s usually the case within the secondary school world anyway.

Another thing I can’t stand is the Over Sharer…

“Well that’s it, my ex has let our son down for the last time. Failing to pick him up again because he’s too busy playing happy families with his new girlfriend. Then he calls me and and has a go at me down the phone when I’m the one looking after his child! He’s let him down for the last time! I’m not putting up with it!”

Urgh, firstly poor said son/daughter could possible read it in the future and there you are slagging their dad off. Secondly, airing your dirty laundry much? Do the people of Facebook/Twitter *insert other social app here* want to read about this?

The final one that bugs me is:

*insert name here* feels sad

No, I’m not a heartless bitch who doesn’t care when people are sad. The part that bothers me is when people comment saying things like “Aw no, what’s up?!” and the person responds with “Inbox/mailed you”. Maybe it’s the nosey side of my personality that makes me frustrated that they haven’t disclosed more information and therefore aired their dirty laundry as per the previous point. I guess, if I’m honest, I find this kind of update a little attention seeking.

It saddens me that people put so much emphasis on ‘shares’, ‘likes’ and ‘retweets’. Surely these apps/websites are supposed to be for fun? Don’t get me wrong, with l45539-facebook-like-button-logo-23555regard to my blog any of the above are greatly received (you can find them here, here and here – cheeky plug) as they serve a purpose of getting my blog out there and seen by more people, but on my personal Facebook it’s all a little more…well absent minded I suppose. I add the odd picture or update my status now and then, attempting to keep it light and fun, maybe the occasional moan or asking for a recommendation/advice. I randomly scroll through myretweet newsfeed, letting the sea of baby/kids pictures, wedding pictures, scan photos and nights out wash over me but I don’t really give it much thought. When did people base their popularity, or judge anyone, based on the amount of likes that they get or the amount of likes someone gives out? Apparently this happens and I find it ridiculous! I couldn’t tell you what I liked or didn’t as I don’t give it that much thought!

In general, too much thought is put into social media isn’t it? I’ve seen first hand that the teenagers of 2017 genuinely think it’s real life! But actually, it’s all filtered…literally! We choose what we show the World Wide Web and look, I’ve just critisized those that do share anything less than perfect. And what about those that do show a perfect life: a loved up husband and wife, beautiful, perfect children, dream house, his and hers cars etc? While I’m casually scrolling through my accounts before I head off to a peaceful slumber, a doubting thought crosses my mind – is all really what it seems? As much as this is very negative, I genuinely think that when it comes to social media, it’s far better to doubt it than to fully believe. As I moaned about a Facebook friend’s posts the other day my colleague said “Just delete them”…she’s right, if they irritate me that much, why don’t I? That’s the good thing about it all isn’t it? As well as being able to choose what people see, I can choose what I see of others and occasionally I have a “cull” on my personal Facebook account, using the rule “If I wouldn’t say Hi to them if I passed them on the street – delete!” I don’t delete that many if I’m honest. Why? I’m nosey! Ha ha!

There is no doubt that social media is going to become more and more embedded in the world we live in. It’s not a bad thing, bringing many more ways to connect and meet/talk to new people, but it definitely needs to be handled with care.

Your thoughts? Do you have older children? Do they have social media? How do you monitor it? Comment below or find me on Facebook and Twitter (how ironic, considering the post.)


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About Becky Roversi

Previously the writer of Educating Roversi, Becka is a 30 something Mum to two and has an addiction to mugs, Disney, pyjamas & stationery. Welcome to the Bubble!
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7 Responses to Social Media: Handle With Care

  1. It must be a blogging thing for January, I hardly posted at all and I always forget to update on social media.Like you though on my personal page I rarely post anything myself. The odd update or new picture of my daughter but I know what you mean. That status about the dad letting the kid down appears frequently from more than 1 person. I find it quite sad that many people feel the need to do this to get attention all the time. So far my daughter isn’t on social media but a lot of her friends are and I’m not entirely comfortable with it #kcacols

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  2. I felt the same way about blogging in January. I really didn’t feel to write much and for some weird reason, I felt disappointed about it all! I think it was because I was exhausted. The previous months were too intense for me. But I’m now much better and slowly coming back to where I was. Regarding social media, I agree with you. Facebook is a hard one to keep up with the blog. I hardly check my personal account. I really don’t know why. I love Instagram the most but twitter is the one that has helped me the most with my blog. I’m also worried about how this new online world will be when my girls are older. Bella will be 7 in May and she is already all over YouTube. It is crazy! Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. As always it is lovely to have you, 🙂 x


  3. Social media is so hit and miss, snapchat especially, it’s hard to know what kids/friends have received and are potentially dealing with with posts deleting.
    I guess you need to know to be careful and aware! #KCACOLS

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  4. Facebook is definitely a bit of a murky underworld isn’t it. I hate the passive aggressiveness of it too, when people post memes or articles that blatantly relate to something that has happened in real life annoys me the most. I just think, get a backbone! Thanks for linking up to #KCACOLS

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  5. RachelSwirl says:

    Social media is now part of life but it can be quite dangerous at times I guess.

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  6. im so with you on this. Firstly, January this year and last year were slow for me blogging wise….although last year I’d found out my MIL had breast cancer and i couldn’t find anything else I wanted to write about as it took over my thoughts! This year Ive had horrendous morning sickness so im using that as my excuse!
    I cant stand cryptic over sharing on social media – i found out my mum had gone to hospital for chest pains via a facebook status update and I was furious! #kcacols

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